What Is Needed For A Sarasota Mobile Home Park Approval?

What Is Needed For Sarasota Park Approval

When looking to obtain park approval for a mobile home park in Sarasota, what will you need to provide them?

We here at The Home Dealer have a company policy where we will not sell a mobile home in a mobile home park to anyone prior to them obtaining and providing to us their park approval.

But why do we do this?

As registered mobile home brokers in the State of Florida, we want to make sure that all Buyers are purchasing a clean, safe, and affordable property that they can call home for years if they choose to do so.

Part of providing this to our clients is to first make sure they are legally allowed to own the home that they live in!

Each mobile home park will have their own requirements for park approval, but usually they are all about the same.

The park will need a copy of your driver’s license or a state ID card, will run a background check, usually a credit check, and in some instances an eviction check on all previous rental history.

Most parks charge a minimal fee for this service as well, but due to COVID, we have seen many parks waive this fee for the application.

Most parks will also have a paper application that is required to be filled out and on file which the park will use to judge if you are approved or not as a resident in the park.

Each park manager has their own approval system and works with their own sense of urgency, but it would be reasonable to think that if you have everything that is asked of you, you should hear an update on your approval notification within a few business days.

What we have seen is that if you are an out of state or out of country resident, then sometimes it will take a few additional days to obtain your approval from the park. Although I am not sure why this is, it does seem to always take a few additional days for those Buyers to get approval.

There is no universal credit score that is needed, to my knowledge, as everything on your park application is weighed pretty evenly in order to determine your park approval status.

One of the only aspects that I have personally seen that may cause an immediate issue with approvals is if the individual who is applying for residency does not meet the needed age for the park.

Many parks in the Sarasota area are age restricted, requiring certain ages of those living in the park, to live there. If the potential resident does not meet the age requirement this could immediately cause a problem.

The key for you to know here is in order to purchase a home, make sure you are approved before closing on the property.

In order to get park approved, make sure you contact the park and get them everything you need in order to make the approval process swift and easy for everyone involved.

If you don’t do this, expect quite a few delays and additional headaches!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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