Will Sarasota Mobile Home Lot Rent Stay The Same?

Do Sarasota Lot Rents Always Go Up?

Do Sarasota mobile home lot rents increase each year?

We at The Mobile Home Dealer get this question all the time by first time mobile home buyers who are looking to begin their time enjoying all that a mobile home park has to offer.

Generally speaking, the answer is, yes, lot rents will increase each year and it would be unreasonable to think that they will not increase whatsoever or become capped for an extended period of time.

A good rule of thumb when budgeting for your mobile home is to always remember that lot rents will increase at the rate of inflation at the start of each year at a bare minimum. Expect to pay 2% to 3% more for your lot rent for each year you’re living in the mobile home park that you currently reside in.

But the question then is, “well, Mark, why does it have to increase at all”?

This is yet another question we field on a regular basis here at The Mobile Home Dealer. The answer for this question is the exact same answer when asking, why does the price of groceries, fuel, or electricity continue to go up each year? It has directly to do with the national cost of inflation and how it affects everything in the economy.

You see, as we all would like to have the cost of things such as groceries or fuel remain the same price each year, they just don’t.

With the mobile home park, for example, most lot rents will include the cost of lawn care, which would be the blowing, trimming, and cutting of your lawn each week for the entire year.

Now, if the cost of fuel is going up each year to run the lawn equipment that is taking care of your lawn, then the owner of the landscaping company will more than likely need to charge the park more each year to keep up with the rising operating costs of their business. The park then will pass these increases in price to you as a mobile home park resident. Although this is a terribly simple example of lot rents increasing, I imagine you are getting the point as to why the lot rent will continue to increase each and every year.

Every so often, lot rents will not increase or will stay stagnant for a year or two without much if any increase.

Many times, this will have a direct relation to that of the national inflation and how valuable American currency is for that current year.

Although we would all love for mobile home lot rents to stay the same forever, unfortunately, this is a fairy tale and one that should not be expected to have happen each and every year.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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