What You NEED To Know Before Buying A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home! Mobile Home Checklist!

When looking at purchasing a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area there are several factors that every Buyer has to be fully aware of before making an offer and pursing park approval for residency in the mobile home park.

In this mini blog series we will cover the main points every mobile home Buyer should be aware of both with the mobile home park that they are looking to buy in as well as the items that need to be reviewed on the actual home itself.

In todays blog, we will review what a Buyer needs to know about any mobile home before they put an offer on it.

Although we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, usually work primarily with mobile homes on lease land within mobile home parks in the greater Sarasota Florida area, these points can be used for any home in any park anywhere in the country!

  1. What Is The Age Of The Roof

As covered in previous blogs, not only does the roof of a mobile home provide shelter to you and your family from the elements but it is also one of the most costly components of any mobile home should it need to be replaced.

When looking at a mobile home make sure you thoroughly check to see what the age of the roof is, when (if ever) a roof over has been done on it, when and where patch jobs have been done on the roof and when it has been sealed.

If you have the ability to hire a licensed, trained professional to inspect the roof prior to making an offer on the mobile home we would certainly view this as a good usage of your money as a preventative measure.

Knowing the details of the mobile home roof is by far the most important structural component to be educated on prior to making any mobile home purchase.

2. AC Status

Does the mobile home you are looking to purchase have central or window AC units?

If the mobile home has window AC units make sure they are working properly and securely placed without any space between the window unit sits and the wall begins. Added space between the unit and wall can create cracks where water, critters and mold can eventually grow if it is not sealed correctly.

If the home has central AC make sure the thermostat turns on when adjusted, the duct work is clear of any debris and the central AC unit has been services and is working properly.

If the central AC unit is bad or is on its way out it can cost a mobile home Buyer well over $5,000 to fix where as the window units are far less expensive.

Always get as many details on the mobile home AC unit as possible prior to buying any mobile home.

3. Plumbing System

Does the home have PVC pipe or gray piping?

If you are unsure of what these products are, simply open the cabinets and look at the piping, if it is an off white color it is PVC, if it is darker in color then it is gray piping.

With older mobile homes, gray piping was the original piping that came with the home from the factory. It is a material that is not nearly as durable as PVC and not used in newer mobile homes any longer.

Always try to purchase a mobile home with PVC plumbing throughout the home as gray piping will cost the new mobile home owner thousands upon thousands of dollars to replumb a gray piping mobile home.

As we can all agree, there are several other components that are important to a mobile home such as the condition of the flooring system and the age of the electrical wiring.

While these are important components to any mobile home we feel that that having a solid and documented understanding of the mobile homes roof, AC and plumbing set up will put you as the next Buyer in a great position to make an educated decision on the purchase of the mobile home you are looking at.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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