3 Reasons Why Turning Your Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Electric Off Is A BAD Idea!

Many mobile home Sellers throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area look to sell their properties when they are not physically living in them.

This comes as no surprise as, often times, a seasonal resident will enjoy their mobile home during the winter months only to go back up North to decide that they do not want to keep their Sarasota Florida home throughout the summer and look to sell the property.

What some of these Sellers will look to do is turn off all the power to the home when the are not using the property to save money on their carrying costs during the time that the home is for sale.

While one can certainly appreciate the frugality that this action promotes we are here to day to explain the top three reasons why turning off the electricity in your Sarasota Florida mobile home during the time you are looking to sell your property is a bad idea.

#1 Mold

South Florida summers are hot and humid with a constant rain storm most days in the afternoon. Water mixed with humidity can create moisture issues, if not treated correctly, can lead to mold. If a Seller keeps their homes electricity off they will not have the ability to circulate the air property in their mobile home. If there are any issues with leaks in their mobile home, through the roof, windows or doorways, this may lead to a serious mold issue without the Seller even knowing it.

2. Buyers Can’t Check Home Out

Part of buying any item is having the ability to test it out to make sure it works to your expectations. Whether this is a new pair of sneakers, a car or a mobile home we all like to try things out before making a purchase. Having your electricity turned off will not allow the Buyer to test the home out to make sure all of the items that run off of electricity work thus leaving a wait and see feeling for the potential Buyer.

3. Floor Damage

Mobile home sub flooring structures are wood based. As we all know, wood is a natural product that can warp and rot if left not attended to. We have seen several times where the home has gotten so hot on the inside without any electricity on or air flor that it has warped the floors requiring the homes floors to warp. This may cost several thousand dollars to replace, at a minimum.

During the process of selling your Sarasota Florida mobile it is always important to keep your power on throughout the process whether you are physically living in the home or not. While turning the homes power off save you a few dollars the risk of either not selling your home or seriously damaging the property simply is not worth it!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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