Selling a mobile home can be just as complicated as selling conventional onsite-built homes. Having so many moving parts, it can be intimidating at the beginning, but with proper knowledge and preparation, it can go smoothly. Regardless of the housing market condition, if you are selling your mobile home fast, knowing these steps can help you prepare to possibly expedite your selling for the price you want.

With the crazy prices in the real estate work, we have begun to see the rising prices in the mobile home space as well.

Sarasota mobile home

Sarasota mobile home

It is not uncommon to see a large percentage increase in selling prices of all mobile homes located on leased land throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area.

With all this price excitement mixed with a high level of inflation, it has led many mobile homeowners to begin the process of selling their mobile homes.

But, before you grab the phone to give The Mobile Home Dealer a call, please understand the three most important steps needing to be followed when selling your Sarasota Florida mobile home.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Home Is Free Of Liens

Liens are essentially loans that are put on your mobile home when it is located on leased land in the state of Florida. Liens can come in a variety of ways but, regardless of who or what entity has a lien on your mobile home, it will need to be paid off in full prior to the title transfer from you to the new home Buyer. The most common liens that are placed on mobile homes are when the Seller has failed to keep up with their lot rent and in turn, there is an amount of lot rent that is owed to the mobile home park. If this lien is not paid in full at the time of closing then the new Buyer could be legally responsible for the lien which, as one can imagine, could lead to all types of problems!

Step 2: Make Sure You Can Locate The Original Title

In Florida, mobile homes located on leased land are viewed as and taxed as personal property, not real property. What this means is that the owner of a mobile home on leased land has a title associated with it and not a deed. Once the mobile home is sold the title will need to be transferred to the new Buyer of the home. If there is no title, or if you are unable to locate the title prior to closing then this could lead to additional delays with the processing of the mobile home title. In order to avoid this, make sure you can clearly locate where the title is and have the correct documentation filled out in order for it to be transferred prior to closing day.

Step 3: Always Have Your Buyer Get Park Approved Prior To Closing

Most mobile home parks will require the Buyer of the mobile home to be approved by the park prior to becoming a resident. The process for which the approval is done can vary, but, generally speaking, having this on file prior to the closing will be a requirement of all parks. If this part of the closing process is avoided then you could be selling a mobile home to someone who can not legally reside in it which may cause a level of trouble you do not want to get involved in!

Aside from the three major things mentioned above, you also need to ensure the following are done and prepared before showing your mobile home to potential buyers.

A.) Total home inspection. You don’t need to pay a professional inspector to do this for you. It’s your house so you know everything better than other people. Inspection should be done both inside and outside your house. This includes but is not limited to paint condition, water damage or stains, doors and windows sliding and fitting, loose roofing, cracked ceiling, loose fixtures, and other visible small things.

Mobile Home for Sale in Sebring

Mobile Home for Sale in Sebring

B.) HUD Code. To avoid running into an unexpected problem, it is always necessary for your mobile home to be HUD-compliant. If you plan to do all repairs before selling your mobile home, a certified inspector is needed. A HUD-compliant home can fetch a higher price.

C.) Repairs. Repairs are the most important thing to consider when selling your mobile home. Unless you are looking for a fixer-upper, or don’t have a budget for repairs and are in a hurry, a newly-repaired mobile home can sell fast within your set price. Yes, this probably means additional spending but even quick fixes that don’t require a large amount of money can be a big issue if a buyer has great attention to detail.

D.) Decluttering and organizing. Clutter can be a big problem if you show your house to a buyer. Although they know that you clean the house before the turnover, you cannot show the real beauty of the house if there are things here and there. It’s better to organize things before showing your mobile home to a potential buyer. Sometimes, even a little and non-factor things can change the buyer’s mind.

E.) Total cleaning. From floors to ceilings, to walls, everything should look flawless and shiny. Remove that unnecessary smell as well. 

When looking to sell a mobile home on leased land located in the greater Sarasota Florida area always make sure that these three simple steps are followed all the way through so that you are able to begin the closing process without additional headaches waiting to happen. Hurrying the process or simply avoiding these simple steps could very easily cause tremendous trouble for you the Seller, the Buyer, and the park where your home is located within.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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