What You NEED To Do To Protect Your Sarasota Florida Mobile Home In The Summer!

There is no questioning the fact that summer is here in full force within the greater Sarasota Florida area.

Temperatures are coming up each day, the sun is out later and many of the mobile home parks within the greater Sarasota Florida area are far less busy without the regular influx of snow birds in the area.

Thinking of heading out for the remainder of the summer to try and beat the heat?

If so, here are 3 actions you need to take to keep your mobile home safe and secure while you are gone.

Action 1:

Turn Off Your Mobile Home Water

Most mobile homes have a water shutoff valve that, with one lever pull, will turn off the water to the entire house. Usually, this valve is at the back of the home and has either a red or blue plastic lever. By pulling it up or down it will turn on or off the water for the entire mobile home. The reason why we suggest you doing this is that mobile home plumbing fixtures can wear out over time and cause leaks. What you do not want is to be away from your mobile home for weeks or months on end only to return to see a large amount of water damage to your home. We always suggest, if you are going to be away from your mobile home for more than a week at a time to always look to shut off the water so that you keep your home nice and try for your return.

Action 2:

Seal Your Roof

It is no secret that in the Sunshine State we get exactly that, tons of sunshine! By sealing your roof every few years with a clear rubber seal it will help elongate the life of your mobile home roof. As we have covered several times on the Blog, a mobile home roof is one of the most expensive parts of your mobile home and not paying attention to the regular upkeep and maintenance of the roof can lead to your mobile home roof creating cracks which eventually can lead to leaks in your roof. To avoid that and to get the most life out of your roof always look to seal your roof at least ever two years.

Action 3

Keep Up With Pest Spraying

In the greater Sarasota Florida area and all throughout the state termites are a major concern for all homeowners regardless of what type of home you own. Many times we see that home owners will not keep up on their pest sprays while they are not living in the home for concern of paying for a service that they will not be able to enjoy. We can not stress how bad of an idea this is! Due to the flooring structure of a mobile home being wood it is imperative all mobile home owners keep up on their spraying services year round regardless of if or when they will be away from their property.

One of the many great things of living in a mobile home within the greater Sarasota Florida area is the fact that all one has to do is lock the home up and go on your next adventure without worrying about who is cutting the grass or if the pool maintenance will be kept up while you are away as mobile home living is really a care free way of life. The key, though, is to remember these basics points above so that when you return back to your mobile home you are not surprised by some very costly repairs, many of which can be avoided by having a simple check sheet to ensure your home is safe, dry and free of critters when you return from your travels!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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