Where To Spend Your Mobile Home Dollars?

Updating your mobile home can be one of the most fun activities homeowners can do!

Whether your home is within the greater Sarasota Florida area or another area throughout the country home updates and upgrades can be where a mobile home owner is able to put their personal stamp on their home and be able to transfer a “house” to a “home”!

When considering where to upgrade your mobile home one must consider the two main categories where updates and upgrades fall into and what is the best investment for each individual mobile home owner.

sarasota mobile home
Sarasota mobile home
  1. Structural Upgrades

Structural upgrades within a mobile home consist of putting money into the actual structure and components of the home.

These upgrades could be done to the roof, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or flooring structure of a mobile home. The easiest way to think of this would be to upgrade or update the “bones” of a mobile home.

These upgrades will not provide the “wow” value to either you or others who visit your mobile home but are ones that can certainly provide a trouble-free living for years to come.

Structural upgrades are upgrades within a mobile home where, more than likely, the owner of the mobile home will see money back from these upgrades if and when the time comes to sell their mobile home.

  1. Cosmetic Upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades within a mobile home are updates that have nothing to do with the structural components of the property and, many times, are suited to the individual owner’s tastes and preferences.

These upgrades can come in the form of updating the paint color, changing out the countertops, changing out the lighting fixtures, or updating the window blinds. All of these updates are the more “fun” type of updates and can really add to the uniqueness and personality of a mobile home!

Do not expect, however, to see any money whatsoever returned to you on these investments in your property. The reason for this is that these updates do not have anything to do with the actual structure of the home and, as such are based totally on the owner’s personal preferences many of which may not carry over to the new owner.

When looking at updating your mobile home we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, strongly believe that the best way to appropriate your updating budget is to first look at enhancing the structural components of the home before putting money into the cosmetic aspects of your property.

The reason for this suggestion is that, if something changed and you needed to sell your mobile home, you would be in a much better position financially to reap the rewards of updating the bones of the home than some of the more fun cosmetic touches. Once the structural upgrades are updated then move to the cosmetic touches to make your house a home!

These upgrades, however, are only recommended if you want to stay in your mobile home and have no plan to sell it in the near future. If the purpose of your upgrade is to increase the amount you cupid possibly get by selling your home, we do not recommend upgrading your “mobile home for sale”

mobile home park
Mobile home park

Sure, these will make the home look newer or “beachy” but it does not mean that the upgrades you put in here will bring you any more money when you look to sell the home.

The reason why is that there is no tangible value that can be passed on to the next owner.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to upgrade the AC unit, update the subflooring of the entire home, add a new roof, add brand new appliances, upgrade the plumbing or update the electrical then, yes, these items will certainly see a real-time return on your investment.

The reason why these items will help bring a higher sales price as opposed to the list above is that this list adds structural upgrades to the property that, many times, will have warranties that can be passed on along with years of trouble-free living with some of these major structural upgrades.

To further the example, let’s go ahead and say you spend a few thousand dollars painting the home, it looks great and it was professionally done but the new Buyer does not like the color and wants to change it. Here, the money that was spent to update the property is not a transferable item of value for the new owner and they will not be willing to pay for your personal color taste, regardless of how well it is done.

Now, let’s say you take that same amount of money and put on a brand-new roof for the mobile home. Let’s further state that this new roof has a transferable warranty that can be passed on to the new owner. Sure, this upgrade is not as “fun” as the new paint job but it will certainly bring value to you when you look to sell the home. The reason why is that this upgrade provides a structural component to the home that will bring the new owner years of trouble-free use since it comes with a new warranty.

The paint job? Not so much.

Upgrading your home is one of the most fun parts of home ownership because you can always put your touch on the property to truly make it yours. However, with this excitement comes a word of caution as too many custom details to a property may not only not return any money in your pocket when you go to sell the mobile home but it also could deter any Buyers from wanting to buy your mobile home in the first place.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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