Common issues with mobile homes in Sarasota include weather-related concerns due to the area’s susceptibility to hurricanes and tropical storms. These homes may lack proper reinforcement against strong winds and heavy rain, leading to structural damage. Additionally, older mobile homes might have issues with outdated plumbing and electrical systems, requiring regular maintenance and upgrades. Moisture intrusion, especially in humid climates like Sarasota, can lead to mold and mildew problems if not addressed promptly. Moreover, issues related to land lease agreements, such as increasing fees or restrictive regulations, can impact mobile homeowners in Sarasota County. Vigilance and proactive maintenance are crucial to mitigate these challenges.

Are you planning to buy a mobile home but want to know about several issues that may come up during the process? This article will discuss some of the most appalling incidents we have experienced recently.

I received an e-mail from one of our viewers last week asking for us to begin shooting videos with us reviewing some of the most common issues we have seen in the mobile home industry.

When I heard this question, I immediately thought that this would be a good idea since we are in and out of mobile homes and mobile home parks daily.

With this much experience, we seem to come across situations regularly that, we feel, if more people knew about them, they could avoid the same issues that we have seen other Buyers and Sellers encounter with the same problems.

With all that said, today we are starting a new segment for our blogs entitled Common Issues With Mobile Homes.

The common issue within mobile homes that we will discuss today is the importance of owning a home before moving anything into the property.

I understand that this may sound like an obvious statement, that it is important to own something before you act like it is yours. Still, you may be surprised at how many times we at The Mobile Home Dealer get asked if it would be okay for the new Buyer to begin moving things into their property before closing.

Any time we are asked to allow this, we tell the Buyer that we are not able to.

Many times, these Buyers get flustered at us for not letting them move their belongings into the property at this time.

The reason why we do not allow this is that we do not want our company or the Seller to be held in any way responsible for the items should something be lost, stolen, or damaged prior to the home being closed on.

Secondly, we do not want the potential Buyer to have access to the property without an insured party present, such as a representative of The Mobile Home Dealer.

The reason for this is that what happens if the new Buyer falls or has one of their friends or family members get injured while on the property?

If this were to happen, then who would be responsible for paying the medical bills, should the injury require some type of medical attention?

Common issues with mobile homes

Sarasota Fl, Mobile Home

The last reason we do not allow this is that we want to ensure the Seller’s security, knowing that the only people who will ever have access to the property are representatives of the company selling their home for them.

At no time will anyone other than representatives of The Mobile Home Dealer have access to the home’s keys or lock box codes on the property.

We are always happy to do anything we can to accommodate buyers to make sure they feel like their new home is theirs to do with it as they feel fit as soon as they can.

This is why we move quickly to get all the paperwork done and to move to close on the home as fast as possible.

However, we do not take the trust and responsibility that the Seller entrusts in us lightly at all.

We at The Mobile Home Dealer will not do anything to jeopardize that.

So, if you are looking to get a jumpstart on moving into your new mobile home, do everyone a favor and move quickly to the closing table first, and do not look for a shortcut!

We understand that buyers are always excited to live in their new home but that the seller needs time to prepare before moving out. For sellers, leaving their house where they built some memories is sometimes hard to do.

The period between closing and the Seller’s move-out is outlined in the purchase agreement. The buyer is excited to move in, but the seller may not be in a rush to move out. Every mobile home transaction is unique based on different circumstances, and the people involved have different priorities. This is the reason why it is very important to put everything, including expectations, into writing before the closing date. If you need more time to move out, put that into a written agreement.

As the seller, you are responsible for all the papers, but you should also be ready to go and start packing. You can stay in the house after the closing, but only if it has been negotiated and agreed upon and for how long.

As the seller, can you delay the closing because you are still looking for a place to move on? Staying in the mobile home after closing is not ideal for both parties and the seller may lose money. Once the paper is signed, the only way to delay the closing is to tear that paper apart and start to renegotiate. This idea, however, will fail nine times out of ten.

When you sell your mobile home, leaving immediately after closing is important. Staying in the mobile home after closing is not ideal for both parties and the seller may lose money. Here are a few reasons why you should leave immediately after selling your mobile home:

  1. The new owners may not want you there.
  2. You may not be able to stay there indefinitely.
  3. It may not be safe for you to stay there.
  4. You may end up losing money if you stay.
  5. So, if you’ve sold your mobile home, be sure to leave right away!

The Mobile Home Dealer are licensed mobile home broker in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas. We provide professional buy-and-sell assistance to our clients. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by clicking this link. You may also visit our Facebook Page and send us a message.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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