Does Park Approval Even Matter In A Sarasota Mobile Home Park?

Does Mobile Home Park Approval Even Matter?

What is park approval?

Does it even matter that this is done before buying a mobile home on leased land in Florida?

Many times those who are not familiar with the buying process of a mobile home on leased land do not realize that getting approved by the park is a part of the mobile home purchase process.

This then begs the question to be asked, what really is park approval?

When buying a mobile home in a mobile home park, every resident needs to be approved as a resident within the community that the home is physically located in. Different parks have different requirements but, generally speaking, if you are in an age qualified community, every person who will be physically living in the home will need to be approved by the park. If you are buying a mobile home in an all ages park, usually you will need to have approval for everyone living in the home that is over a certain age to be able to be approved for residency.

Each park has their own way of going about the actual approval process. Usually every park will require each person that is going through to be approved to fill out a written application. Along with the application the applicant will need to provide a photo ID, pay a nominal application fee and agree to have your background checked by the park. If you or your applicant friend does not have a current driver’s license that is okay as usually a state issued photo ID card or a passport will do the trick.

The background check that most parks go off of is going to be the criminal background the applicant’s credit score and if the applicant has any history of evictions on file.

I have asked several park managers and park owners how they figure their algorithm for park approval. No one can really make heads or tails of it.

What I have been able to come up with though, is that most parks are not really looking for 800 credit scores or for someone who has never had a speeding ticket in their life. What I have seen is that park management is looking to avoid folks with violent felonies or literally no credit scores at all. This does not necessarily rule you out if you have one of those but if you or someone you know has that difficulty in their background, make sure they provide documentation to the park to let them know what they are going to see just so everybody is in good communication from the beginning.

Some parks will put eviction history as a major deciding factor as with every mobile home that is on leased land, one will be required to pay a monthly fee, called lot rent. Having an applicant on file who has not paid their monthly bill and has been evicted may throw a red flag because you will be required to pay lot rent each month.

The fees that a park will charge for the application process various, but it is reasonable to think somewhere between about $25 to $50 for each applicant.

The importance obtaining mobile home park approval prior to purchasing your mobile home is a good idea because at least at that point, you will know whether you can physically live in the mobile home that you just bought…. or not.

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