How Does The Mobile Home Dealer Sell Sarasota Mobile Homes?

How Does The Mobile Home Dealer Sell Mobile Homes In Sarasota?
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How does the Mobile Home Dealer sell mobile homes in Sarasota?

When I was asked the other day by a Seller how we sell Sarasota mobile homes fast, I felt like the answer I gave them came as a surprise.

I believe they expected me to come out with some rabbit out of a hat answer, or some dynamic explanation about what we do and how we do it.

The truth is I did not give that to them simply because……. it doesn’t exist!

We, at The Mobile Home Dealer, believe that in order to sell a mobile home in Sarasota quickly, we need to be on the same page with the Seller on both the price of the home and the amount of exposure needed for the home to sell quickly.

One of the biggest problems we see on a daily basis with properties that aren’t selling is not the home or the park the home is located at. It is the price that the Seller is looking to sell the home at.

Many times the price tag the Seller has come to is based on what they feel it is worth or what they have personally invested into the property and not what the market says the home is actually worth.

Believe me, I understand that this can be confusing and many times a frustrating experience!

Being educated on what the market says your home is worth and pricing it accordingly to market conditions, is the first step to getting a mobile home sold quickly.

Having maximum amounts of exposure for your home to sell is just as important, in my opinion, as where your home is priced at.

Maximum exposure for your home to sell is not just putting the sign in the front yard and telling the park manager you are interested in selling your home.

Now, both of these actions, they’re a good start, but they just aren’t enough in this day and age of COVID-19 to get the right amount of exposure for your home to sell fast.

Remember, the more eyes on your home, the more chances you have to get in front of someone who wants to make an offer and purchase your home.

We, at The Mobile Home Dealer, believe strongly in having the Buyer present as if they are physically in the home when viewing it. Photos are great, but a quality video walk through and virtual tour are essential to providing the Buyer that feeling that they are actually walking around the home.

Remember, provide an experience to the Buyer, not just a slide show.

Providing this experience to Buyers helps them become more attached to the home, which leads to more showings faster than if there were just a set of photos.

Marketing locally, that’s important. But, what we have found, is getting the property exposure outside of the Sarasota area is the best recipe for results in a short period of time which is what we focus on!

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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