Is Using A Mobile Home Broker To Sell Your Mobile Home In Sarasota Needed?

License For Sarasota?
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Does it even matter if you have a licensed mobile home broker who helps sell your home for you in Sarasota?

Couldn’t you just have anyone who said they could sell your home, sell your home?

If you had someone who is not licensed to help sell your mobile home, wouldn’t you save a ton of money by working with them?

These are some of the questions I am asked on a regular basis when explaining the Mobile Home Dealer’s services to sellers who are wanting to sell their mobile home.

Selling your home is a big event in your life, and I feel you need someone you can rely on who will make sure that everything in the process is done correctly and to the letter of the law. I understand it may be tempting to try and have someone who is not licensed to help sell your mobile home for you.

Now, these individuals, the ones who aren’t licensed, they may call you through your For Sale by Owner signs, or they might be friends of someone who lives in the park who says they can help.

I have some advice for you if you’re looking to have one of these non-licensed individuals help sell your mobile home for you,





Here’s why.

Although I am sure these folks mean well, when the individual is not licensed, they have not gone through the stringent background check that the state of Florida requires you to pass in order to even submit your license application.

Part of this process is the taking and passing of a state mandated examination that goes over everything there has to do with the closing of a mobile home sale. If the home is not closed on properly, and accurate taxes and fees are not paid to the state, then the sale might actually not be viewed as valid.

What this means is that even though you thought you sold your home, you really didn’t.

Having a licensed mobile home broker sell your home, does come with a cost.

But when all options are weighed, would you rather pay a licensed professional to sell your home, ensuring that the home is sold correctly with all taxes and fees paid so that you can move on with your life? Or would you rather try and save a few dollars, not even knowing if your home is really sold?

When the time comes for you to sell your home, I would highly suggest you ask whomever you are looking to have sell your home if they are licensed and ask them for a copy of their Florida state license as proof of this.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer, and we are licensed, bonded, and insured mobile home brokers with the state of Florida.

Should you have any questions about the advantages of using a licensed mobile home broker for the sale of your home, we would be happy to help answer them for you right away.

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