Are You Having Problems Selling Your Sarasota Mobile Home?

Are You Having Problems Selling Your Sarasota Mobile Home?
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 Are you having problems selling your Sarasota mobile home?

I have clients come to me all of the time telling me, “Mark, I can’t get my home sold!”

Anytime I hear this, I feel for them because I, too, know what it feels like to do something monumental like selling a home only for that to be constantly put on hold.

It’s so frustrating. It’s as if you’re running a race in quicksand!

Many times, sellers are trying to sell their homes themselves, which although isn’t a bad way of going about getting a home sold, it just is not as financially efficient as hiring a qualified licensed mobile home broker who does this on a daily basis.

What I have seen over and over is when homes are not selling, it’s not due to the home itself, the park the home is located in, or really anything that has to do with the community or the area of town.

The common issues as to why a mobile home is not selling usually boils down to two things:

#1 Exposure To Your Home

The main issue I see all of the time is this. When trying to get a mobile home sold, especially in Sarasota County, it is imperative that the seller is able to get the most eyes on their home in as short of a time frame as possible.

Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19 that we are working through, this requires a different type of effort than simply putting a sign in the front yard or letting the park manager know you are interested in selling your home. Leveraging networking, social media, and out-of-state exposure are just a few of the ways that we are able to sell homes quickly for our clients.

#2. Sellers Fixation On Price

I have personally bought and sold several homes and I know the feeling of wanting to get every dollar you can from the sale of your home. Heck, this is one of the main aspects we focus on The Mobile Home Dealer is getting the most money for your home.

The key here is to know that many buyers are looking for a deal, and although I can fully empathize with each seller and wanting to get all of the money back they spent on the home in the sale, sadly, this is not always the case.

Understanding what money was spent on the home during your ownership of it and how this translates to dollars when selling your home are a key aspect to the appropriate pricing of your mobile home. This is another aspect that we at The Mobile Home Dealer focuses on when working with a seller. We help the seller price their home for sale in order to get the most attention in the shortest period of time at the higher dollar amount.

The next time you are wondering why your mobile home is not selling, I suggest analyzing the two points we discussed today and to look at working with a qualified licensed mobile home broker who could help you in getting your home sold in the time frame you want.

This is Mark Kaiser, and we at The Mobile Home Dealer help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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