Living in a mobile is a great idea, as any person who has chosen this type of dwelling can confirm. In the Sarasota Florida area, it is easier and cheaper to buy a second-hand mobile home than buy a new one and it can be the best option for many people.

Mobile homes throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area are becoming popular not only for snowbirds, but also for people who are single and older, and even older couples who want to have a peaceful neighborhood.  

We here at The Mobile Home Dealer continue to do our very best to deliver all of the most relevant information to you in the mobile home space and wanted to thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about what needs to happen for the sale of the mobile home to go through on leased land down here in the state of Florida.

Mobile home in Sarasota Florida for sale

Mobile home in Sarasota Florida for sale

When looking at buying a mobile home within the greater Sarasota Florida area that is located on leased land one needs to realize that the purchase, sale, and closing actions are totally different than that of a traditional single-family home.

The reason for this is that, in Florida, a mobile home that is sold on leased land is viewed as and taxed as personal property and not real estate.

What this means is that the purchase process is the exact same as buying a vehicle.

So, with this understanding, how long should a traditional closing take when the mobile home you are looking at buying is located in a mobile home on leased land?

Before we get to the actual closing part of the mobile home it is important to know that when working with a licensed mobile home broker, such as The Mobile Home Dealer, each transaction can only be completed after the Buyer has been approved by the mobile home park for park residency.

This is known as the park approval process.

When looking at finally making the decision to purchase a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area many things need to be considered and completed prior to the close.

While deciding on the perfect Sarasota Florida mobile home to purchase is the fun and exciting part, one needs to make sure all of their ducks are set in a row prior to putting money down on the property and calling the moving trucks.

Most of the time, many Buyers will focus on the funding of the purchase, will they have enough money to purchase their mobile home in cash or will they need to seek some type of outside financing for the purchase?

While we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, can certainly appreciate the focus on funding, we take a different route in focusing on the Buyer becoming park-approved prior to putting a focus on funding the purchase.

The park approval process needs to be done and successfully completed prior to the closing of any mobile home because, without it, the Buyer cannot buy the mobile home as they are not allowed to be a resident in the community.

After the park, approval is done and on file, with then the closing can happen immediately afterward if both the Buyer and Seller are ready to close.

It is not uncommon for the mobile home Seller to still be in the home when the Buyer has been approved so, normally a 30-day close is reasonable for the Seller to be able to move their belongings from the property so that the Buyer has the ability to move in right away on the date of closing.

If the home is vacant and the park approval has been completed then there would be no reason why the Buyer of the mobile home would not be able to move into their new home right after signing the purchase paperwork!

If the Seller is looking to have an elongated closing, greater than the traditional 30 days, then this will need to be further negotiated during the sale of the home. We would caution all Sellers, however, that if this is the case you may want to reconsider putting your mobile home on the market to sell until you are within the 30-day window of being able to move out of the property. The reason for this is that since mobile home sales can move so quickly when they are located on leased land most Buyers do not want to wait an extended period of time to move in is enjoy their new Sarasota Florida lifestyle right away and they certainly may walk away from buying your home.

mobili home florida

Mobile home in Florida

Having knowledge of these things can avoid unforeseen issues for both the buyer and the seller that could result in breaking the deal. It is always important that both the buyer and the seller agree on everything before closing the sale and signing the papers.

When looking at selling or buying a mobile home located on leased land in the greater Sarasota Florida area always remember that once there is an accepted offer in writing and a park approval on file then the closing and move date can be had right away! 

Living in a mobile home has become more popular than ever before, especially in the Sarasota Florida area where second-hand mobile homes are cheaper than buying a new one. The freedom and flexibility that come with living on wheels have attracted many people who want to simplify their lives while saving money.

Mobile homes offer all the comforts of traditional homes but with much lower maintenance costs. They provide an affordable alternative for those who want to live comfortably without breaking the bank. With modern amenities like air conditioning, heating, and high-speed internet connections available even in older models, it’s easy to see why so many people choose this lifestyle.

Moreover, living in a mobile home means you can move whenever you feel like it- no need to worry about being tied down by mortgages or long-term leases! You can travel around the country or simply relocate closer to family members at any time.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable way of life that offers both comfort and flexibility, then consider purchasing a used mobile home today! With so many options available on the market right now – from small single-wide units suitable for individuals or couples up to larger multi-sectional units designed for families – there’s sure to be something out there perfect just waiting for your next adventure!

The Mobile Home Dealer are licensed mobile home brokers in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas. We provide professional buy and/or sell assistance to our clients. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking this link. You may also visit our Facebook Page and send us a message.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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