How Long Does It Take To Sell A Mobile Home Fast In Sarasota?

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Sarasota Mobile Home?
Video Transcription

“Hey, Mark. How fast does The Mobile Home Dealer sell homes in Sarasota?

We get asked that all the time!

In order to discuss that, let’s talk about the last sale that we just made this week.

The problem that the Seller had was they tried to sell their home on their own and they were not able to get it sold.

We were contacted by the Seller who had tried to sell their home on their own for over six months. Throughout this time, they only had a handful of phone calls, they never had a showing, and they never, ever, had an offer on their home!

The Seller got frustrated and assumed their mobile home would not sell!

They found The Mobile Home Dealer on Facebook.

The Seller immediately gave us a call. I clearly remember speaking to the homeowner the first time they called and they assured me that, “this would not be the time to sell their mobile home due to a global pandemic going on”.

I remember hearing the desperation in the Sellers voice that they had made the decision to sell their home, but when it came time to actually put their home on the market, all they knew how to do was to put a For Sale By Owner sign in the front yard and hope someone would drive by, see the home, make a call, make an offer, and it would be accepted.

Although For Sale By Owner Signs are a good, basic starting point to sell your home, this is not the only place you want to have your home listed or advertised.

That’s where The Mobile Home Dealer came in.

I drove over myself and met with the couple and explained that our marketing strategy is much different than any other brokerage firm in town. So much so because we believe that maximum exposure is the best way to obtain quality offers from quality buyers in a short period of time. I explained that many times selling to a local buyer, it’s usually not the best route to take simply because it will take the longest time to do.

I further stressed the importance of having the most eyes on their home as fast as possible. And then when the Buyers come forth, to immediately get back to them to schedule a time for them to view their home. This was news to the Seller.

The result?

Well, let me read a portion of the handwritten note from the seller. We just received it last week. “We accepted an offer on our mobile home within 10 days of our listing. We would highly recommend Mark and The Mobile Home Dealer as you’ll receive the best service an agent could possibly provide. We are extremely pleased with The Mobile Home Dealer.”

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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