What Paper Work Is Needed To Sell A Sarasota Mobile Home?

What Paper Work Is Needed To Sell A Sarasota Mobile Home?
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What paperwork is needed to sell a mobile home in Sarasota, Florida?

Are you looking to get your mobile home sold fast but are not sure what paperwork is needed in order for the sale to be completed?

We understand!

This can be a very confusing process, getting all these documents correctly filled out and filed with the state.

One of the main benefits of using a licensed mobile home broker, such as The Mobile Home Dealer, for your closing is that we are required by the state of Florida to walk both the buyer and seller through the documents needed for the sale of your mobile home. Making sure that the proper taxes and fees are paid to the state on behalf of the buyer so that there is no issue with title being transferred is yet another benefit of working with a licensed mobile home broker.

So with all that said, what documents are needed to be filled out and filed to sell a mobile home?

First, you will need either a bill of sale or a sales contract. The Mobile Home Dealer uses a sales contract that goes over everything that the home is being sold with, details of how the sale is being completed, as well as a seller disclosure sheet that clearly outlines what, if any, issues there are with the mobile home being sold.

We use that so there’s no confusion as far as how the process is going to go during purchase.

Transfer of Title Form, also known as Form 82040, is needed to be filled out and filed in order to make sure that the title is correctly transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Copies of the driver’s licenses or state-issued photo ID are needed to show the state exactly who is buying the mobile home. The actual title for the mobile home, with it being filled out and signed over to the new owner by the seller is needed.

If working with a licensed mobile home broker within the state of Florida, then a Power of Attorney form will be on file for both the buyer and the seller.

When the licensed mobile home broker has this form, then they are able to sign on behalf of both the buyer and the seller so that they do not need to go to the DMV in order to have the title properly processed.

Here is a word of warning!

If you are not familiar with these documents or how they are filled out, please look to utilize a licensed mobile home broker for the sale of your mobile home as they’re well-versed and all that is needed in order for the closing to be done right the first time!

If any of these documents are not filled out correctly or any fee is not paid at the right amount then it could lead to the title not being transferred from the Seller to the Buyer and the sale process not being completed.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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