Sarasota Mobile Home Industry Update!

Sarasota Mobile Home Industry Update!
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Good news!

It’s time for another Sarasota Mobile Home Industry Update!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we are happy to bring you up to speed on what is going on with mobile home sales throughout the Sarasota County area.

Recently, we have seen a shift in the homes that have been selling in the Sarasota area. This does not have to do with the community the home is located in, the size of the home, or what amenities the park offers.

The homes that have been selling recently, are homes that are being sold by motivated sellers who are willing to make a deal.

Now, when we say deal, this does not just mean bringing the price down.

Now, sellers who are getting their home sold recently are now more willing to sell their homes partially, if not fully furnished. Selling your home with at least some furniture included will allow the new buyer to immediately begin enjoying their new home without the need or expense of going to the local furniture store to help get them set up.

Sellers are also offering lot rent concessions, where they’re offering to pay two, to sometimes three months worth of lot rent in advance, so that the buyer does not have to worry about paying that bill right after moving in.

Buyers, are also now looking to close faster than I have ever seen. If the Seller is currently living in the home, then expect the Buyer to want to take possession in 30 days, if not sooner.

If they buy the home, they want the home.

Being able to make a deal in order to sell your Sarasota mobile home fast, doesn’t always mean you as a seller need to drop the price. But it does mean that you now, more than ever, are wanting to be as helpful as you can to the new buyer of your mobile home, in order for the sale to go through quickly.

This is Mark Kaiser and we at The Mobile Home Dealer, help buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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