How To Speed Up The Selling Process Of Your Sarasota Florida Mobile Home?

How To Speed Up The Process Of Selling Your Mobile Home!

Hey Guys!

I am here to tell you that the days where one needs to rely on a paper document to list a mobile home, buy one, or even sell one are times of the past!

Anyone who is either new or have been a part of the mobile home industry for any length of time knows that the majority of this industry itself is in a rather archaic state when it comes to adapting to new technology.

Allow me to give you an example of this:

Last week I was working with a Buyer and a Seller of a mobile home in beautiful Venice, Florida. Here, the Seller currently resides in Michigan and the Buyer, lives in New York. This home was going to be sold, site unseen by the Buyer after they saw it through all of our social media channels after which we did a few video chats them so they knew exactly what they were buying. Being a licensed mobile broker in the state of Florida, we have to first get the Buyer to become park approved by the park that home resides in prior to getting the home sold.

That’s a requirement.

This is nothing new for us as we have done this seemingly countless times. I emailed the park to request the application be sent to me for which I expected it to be sent without any issue via email, as most every other park can do that lickety split.

This park was different.

The park manager explained to me that they do not email the park application over but I had to physically drive to the office, pick up the paper application, send it to the Buyer who then had to fill out the paper application and then mail it back to our home office here in Florida. Only at that point would I then be required to take the filled out application and run it to the park office myself for then the park office to begin the process of approving the Buyer for residency for that mobile home park.

My goodness!

I was shocked as this is the only park I have ever worked with in the recent past that still requires this level of effort for a darn park approval!

Not only was I surprised with all of this paper being required to be used but also while being on the heels of the worldwide pandemic and all of the personal touches we had to do in order to get the application back to begin the approval process.

We here at The Mobile Home Dealer try our best to adapt to all the new technologies.

We have been utilizing an online document signing service since the beginning of our company and it has worked extremely well for both the Buyer and the Seller who are either looking to purchase or sell one of their mobile homes with us.

By utilizing the online document signing service we have been able to bring down the usage of paper as well as the cost of the service and eliminate the hand to hand touch process all together making it safer for you to do business this way.

If you have never worked with an online document signing service before working with us, do not worry.

We will be happy to help you walk you through this so that you are totally comfortable with the process itself.

We will be happy to accommodate with you wherever you are!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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