How To Budget Your Sarasota Mobile Home Money-Floor Repairs!

In this day and age when nearly everyone seems to be feeling the squeeze of rising prices due to a lack of supplies from the Covid-19 pandemic Buyers and Sellers of mobile homes in the Sarasota area want to make sure their dollar is going as far as possible.

One of the most common repairs we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, continue to see on mobile homes in the Sarasota area is the need for repairs done to the flooring system.

If this is your first venture in to the mobile home world then you will quickly learn that mobile homes, although very similar to traditional single family homes, do have their unique features one of which being the flooring system.

A mobile home flooring system is unlike that of a condo, town home or single family home in that the construction of the floor is wood based and not concrete.

When walking in a mobile home, under the actual flooring that one sees is usually a sheet of lumber. This lumber will either be a 5X8 sheet of particle board or a 5X8 sheet of plywood.

Usually mobile homes from the factory come with particle board sub flooring which is a composite type material that can hold up well over the years so long as it does not get wet. If this product does get wet then it can be susceptible to breaking a part quicker than plywood does. Many times over the course of a mobile homes life the original particle board flooring will eventually be replaced by plywood to help make the floor sturdy for years to come.

Under the plywood most mobile homes have 2X8 support beams that are then built in to the frame of the home. Under the 2X8 supports most homes will have the plumbing, vapor barrier and then the ground that the home sits on.

With all of this understood it would be reasonable to think that over time the flooring system may have to be replaced because it is a wood based product and not a flooring system based on concrete like many single family homes are in the Sarasota area.

Mobile homes can have, what are referred to as, soft spots in the floor develop overtime.

Soft spots can occur from a variety of different reasons but most commonly it is created by the moisture that comes from either the ground or the air conditioning system that penetrates through the wood sub flooring and makes it weaker over time. If one were to walk on these weak spots they will feel a little “soft” or you may see a dip in the floor where the soft spot is located at.

Many times mobile home Buyers will see or feel a soft spot and immediately think that this will turn in to a large repair bill, which, in all reality, this is false.

If a soft spot occurs then the owner of the mobile home will have to decide if they are going to go in and replace all of the subflooring or only the sections that are soft. If the home owner is looking to only replace the sections with the soft spots then all that will be needed to be done is to have the soft portion of the subflooring cut out and a new piece of subflooring installed that matches the piece that was taken out.

Most handy professionals around the Sarasota area can replace a soft spot for around $100.

If the owner of the mobile home is looking to replace the entire sub floor system then prices will sky rocket as with the cost of lumber and lack of supplies right now in the building industry nothing is coming cheap!

When looking at budgeting your money for your Sarasota mobile home do not be overly concerned about a few soft spots, sure, they may look and feel unsightly but when they repaired by a professional they are not expensive and will add years of life to your mobile home flooring system!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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