Has Covid-19 Affected Sarasota Mobile Home Sales?

We hope everyone out there is staying safe!

Recently, we here at The Mobile Home Dealer, have been asked if the current Covid-19 Delta Variant has affected mobile home sales throughout the Sarasota area.

What we can on the front end of this question is, yes it has.

As we can all agree, business is not ever going to be ran the same after Covid-19 has come about nearly 18 months ago.

This can be seen by the dramatic rise in take out done at your favorite restaurant. Just last week, we were here at the office, went to our favorite lunch spot in Sarasota to and had to wait, what seemed like forever to place our order. After getting to the front of the line we noticed that the problem wasn’t that the workers weren’t working hard, no, the delay was because of the massive amount of takeout orders other customers were making which backed up the rest of the line.

This is only one of several examples that we have all seen over the past several months as we all try to do our best to get back to normal after the world wide pandemic of Covid-19.

Throughout the Sarasota area we have changed our way of selling mobile homes as a direct result of the pandemic.

It is common place now that most of our homes are sold virtually to out of town Buyers instead of physically meeting them in person to see the home. To accomodate this, we have been utilizing virtual tours, Zoom Calls and online videos so that all of the Buyers have a great idea of exactly what they are looking at when we discuss their new home purchase with them.

Mobile home sales throughout Sarasota have stayed constant throughout the time of Covid-19 as well.

What we have not seen, however, is a dramatic rise in mobile home prices which have happened to single family homes, condos and other real estate properties. Mobile homes on leased land within mobile home parks do not carry the same dramatic rises and falls as other real estate asset classes see so prices continue to stay just about the same across the board regardless of if the real estate market is hot, cold or indifferent throughout the Sarasota Florida area.

Covid-19 has changed everyones lives and it would be a reasonable statement to say that nothing will ever be the same as it was before the pandemic began.

With every change comes opportunity and we feel that, although the mobile home buying process may have changed the same great service continues to be offered to each and every Buyer!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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