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Many window design professionals agree that new and quality windows for mobile homes should last between 15 and 20 years before thinking about replacing them. Most of the companies that produce vinyl windows often provide a guarantee of 20 to 25 years, which is essentially a life guarantee: the expected useful life of the product.

Do the new windows help sell a house? In addition to increasing energy efficiency, new windows can also make a house look more modern and orderly. This can be an important point of sale for buyers who do not want to make any renewal after purchase. In short, investing in new windows can facilitate the sale of your home, although it is not a guarantee.

Royal Palms-Sarasota Florida

Royal Palms-Sarasota Florida

Before deciding to undertake a window replacement project or hire help, you must think. Do you need to replace only one window? Are you making a window replacement for the whole house? Maybe it is at some intermediate point.

How to decide when to repair or replace your mobile home windows?

There are three main reasons why the owners look for a window replacement. You can have only one reason or mark the three boxes. Once you identify your reasons, the decision to replace a window or many windows is much easier.

Exterior attractiveness

The enjoyment of your new mobile home is an absolute priority. The problems that are detected during the process of buying a mobile home or after moving can cause remorse to the buyer if they are not repaired. And if you see that your windows don’t function well, it will bother you until you fix it.

Changing an outdated window to one that attracts your attention can increase exterior attractiveness with a relatively low investment. That simple style change can also be the focal point of your home for the eyes of the people who pass.

The update of all the front windows of a floor or the entire facade of your home can completely transform your mobile home appearance. You can create a homogeneous style with housing. The expenses are higher but so are the rewards.


If you are considering a single window replacement, it is probably not just like the style. It may not be working properly either. Regardless of the problem (worn, difficult to open, or broken), you may have to replace it to help save money and headaches in the future.

Interior aesthetics

External attractive projects have their charm. But you spend your time inside and not outside. Your mobile home should make you feel happy and comfortable. And it will allow you to express your style and tastes.

With the average age of a mobile home along the Gulf Coast of Florida being in the mid-1970 one has to ask, are the windows in the mobile home I am looking to purchase the original windows from the factory?

Many times the direct answer is, yes, they are.

When looking at a mobile home on leased land throughout the Sarasota Florida area it is important to know that the home will be viewed and taxed as personal property and not real property. What this means is that the mobile home that you are looking at purchasing is, essentially, a used vehicle in the state of Florida because the home comes with it as a title and not a deed when owning the home.

Blue Herron Pines

Blue Herron Pines mobile home

The reason why this is important to note when you are looking at the windows is that most mobile homes on leased land will not have the ability to obtain a mortgage with it and will also not have the ability to have access to a home equity line of credit should you want to gain access to the equity you have inbuilt into the home value.

As such, window replacements within a mobile home on leased land will more than likely be a cash purchase.

Windows in mobile homes can be expensive, especially if you are looking at replacing all the windows in the home!

The easy way to see if the windows in the home that you are purchasing are original is to note if the window itself is a three-pane window or a single-pane widow.

Many times mobile home manufacturers will put three separate window panes in the window frame to make up a single window. In older homes, these separate panes will have their own window latch and their own window crank to help in opening all three panes up at the same time.

As homes age, these cranks and latches can become worn out or break off.

If the home needs to be resettled or if the home settles in a way in which one of the sides begins to slant then the panes may not have the ability to close all the way leaving a small open area space between the window pane and where the pane meets the side of the home.

Should this be an issue in your mobile home you may run the risk of water coming into the home which, if not treated quickly, may lead to the window frame itself getting wet and getting mold on it. In extreme cases, we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, have seen where over time there was so much water that got in that it wound up getting through the window pane and into the actual wall paneling causing bowing of the interior walls!

Replacing the windows in your mobile home is a great idea if you are looking to put a good amount of money into your home for years of trouble-free living. Since this is a structural repair to the home it would be reasonable to think that the cost of these windows should come back to you if and when you decide to sell your mobile home in the future.

When looking at buying or selling a mobile home within the Sarasota area it is always a good idea to look at all the structural components of the house that you are working with. Much of the focus gets put on the air conditioning system, roof, and floor system but another component a Buyer should always take note of is that of the windows and what type of shape they are in as this can become a very expensive repair should they need to be replaced!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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