How To Make Sense Of Mobile Home Registration Fees!

How Are Title And Registration Fees Paid On A Mobile Home?

When buying a mobile home on leased land in Florida, have you been confused of how much the title and registration fees will cost you to get the mobile home in your name and out of the Seller’s name?

It was very difficult for me too, but luckily we have been able to crack the code on this one.

Now, before we get started, I will first give you the general disclaimer here that I am not a tax professional. I do not work for the Florida Department of Revenue, I am not an attorney and I did not work for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Let’s look at how the fees are assessed for the registration and title of a mobile home on leased land here in Florida.

Within the state of Florida, everything is based off the length and the width of a mobile home. The age and features of the home do not matter whatsoever when assessing the correct fees needed to be paid for the title and registration of the mobile home.

As a quick review, when buying a mobile home in Florida on leased land, please remember that we are just buying the home and not the land it sits on as we have discussed in the past, we are buying personal property and not real estate. Since we are buying personal property, then all the fees will need to be paid directly to your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

As of this writing, the fee to title a mobile home on leased land in Florida is $78.25 per side of the home This is per side of the home. If you were to buy a double-wide, it would be double this price or a triple-wide would be triple that cost.

Does this make sense so far? Okay, good!

Next, we need to register the mobile home in your name as you are the new Buyer. For those who do not know what registration means, each year you will get dated stickers that need to be placed on the front of your mobile home. These look exactly the same as the ones that you put on your vehicle license plate in the upper right hand corner. The reason for this is because in Florida, a mobile home on leased land is viewed as and taxed as a used motor vehicle which essentially is why they use the same stickers I’m sure.

To register the home, it is based on the length of the home itself and how long you are looking to get the home registered for. The length of the home can be found off the actual title itself.

Now the length of time will be based on when in the year you purchased the home. If you are buying a home in January, then you may be paying a different amount than if you are buying the home say in July.

After working with several members of the local Department of Motor Vehicles, no one can can tell me exactly how this is figured out. However, here at The Mobile Home Dealer were able to obtain the sheet that gives the exact amount, and we will be happy to walk you through this. To do this just get in contact with us through the comments here, or reach out to us directly on our website at

When purchasing a mobile home, it is of utmost importance that you are getting the home out of the Seller’s name and in your name as the Buyer, as soon as possible. Not only to make sure the paperwork is correct, but also to avoid some of the late fees that the Department of Motor Vehicles will impose on you if you do not get it the title switched to your name within 30 days.

I hope this all helped you get a better idea of exactly how the title and registration fees work for the purchase of a mobile home on leased land here in Florida. We are always here to help.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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