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It is that time of year!

No, we are not referring to the Holiday, the season here we are referring to hurricane season!

Although hurricane season does not meet those that call Sarasota Florida home with nearly as much excitement and joy as the Holiday season we do want to take a moment to realize that it is here.

When looking at hurricane season it is easy to get overwhelmed with things when a storm is on its way.

Contrary to negative stereotypes that mobile homes are poorly designed for hurricane-prone places, they are, in fact, sturdy and can withstand up to 110 miles of wind per hour when the right preparation is done. Don’t listen to people who don’t or never owned a mobile home in Sarasota Florida and continue reading instead.

florida mobile home

Florida mobile home

To be prepared we have compiled a brief list below of the three things you can do today to prepare yourself for a hurricane while enjoying your Sarasota mobile home!

#1 Make Sure You Have Your Hurricane Tie Downs Checked

Hurricane tie-downs are large anchors that are drilled into the ground which help keep your mobile home anchored to the ground during a hurricane. These tie-downs are actually large metal steaks tied that are either connected to the frame of your home or to metal straps that keep your home safe and secure. It is a good idea to become familiar with the type of tie-down system your home has and where all of your anchors are located. If you have owned the home for a few years and have not had them inspected by a trailed professional we suggest it is a good idea to make a service call so that a technician can come out and make sure everything is in proper working order.

#2 Check To See That Your Storm Shutters Can Be Pulled Down

Most mobile homes in Sarasota have large metal storm shutters that are on the exterior of the home. These shutters have metal rods that keep them open most of the year allowing the beautiful Florida sunshine to come into your home throughout the year. These shutters do have a purpose in that they can be pulled down and closed to protect your windows should a storm come through the mobile home park that your home is in. Double-check to make sure these shutters can be pulled down and secured so that if you need to use them for an upcoming storm you know how they work and what needs to be done to secure your home.

#3 Have A Way To Secure Your Outside Furniture

One of the main reasons why so many people live in Florida is to enjoy the outside weather! With this enjoyment, many residents have outside furniture and BBQ grills on their property. Although these pieces of furniture provide endless memories in the Sarasota sun they can become quite dangerous if they are not tied down safely when a storm is on its way. Make sure you have the proper tie-down materials ready and know what you will do to either move your furniture inside your home or to safely secure these items on your property. Not taking this precaution could lead to having your furniture damage other homes or, worse yet, hurt one of your neighbors!

In addition to the above major preparations, small things matter as well. Make sure to check everything outside your house Things that can fly like portable carports, ornaments hanging on walls, outdoor furniture, and things that are not needed outside should be kept safely. On the other hand, all things hanging on the walls inside your house must be temporarily kept as well to avoid any unexpected disaster. 

Having said that, a plan B or an escape plan when things get out of hand is necessary. Depending on the strength of the upcoming hurricane, if you have a chance to leave the area, do it. When a category 3 and above hurricane is coming, it’s better to find a safer place to hide. When leaving your mobile home, make sure everything is secured, all windows and doors are locked, and leave nothing hanging on the walls.

Sarasota mobile home hurricane season

Sarasota mobile home

There are many other small but important preparations you can make before and during the hurricane season in Sarasota Florida. Different people experience different things so it’s better to search online as the Internet is full of resources that could be useful at any given time.

Hurricane season in Sarasota is a necessary evil but not one that should be looked at with any more concern when living in a mobile home as opposed to a single-family home. Mobile homes are very safe and will keep you secure during even the craziest weather patterns that Sarasota will throw at you. The key, though, is to be prepared and know how to protect yourself, your family and your home before the storms come through your park!

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