When looking at buying or selling a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area it is important to fully realize what some of the most expensive items are to fix.

Not knowing how much something costs to fix or what to even look for when trying to assess if this item needs fixing can greatly throw off your budget when it comes to buying and settling into your new mobile home purchase.

Mobile homes are notorious for leaky roofs, but, this does not have to be the case if you know what to look for, how to fix it, and how to prevent a leak in your mobile home roof from turning into a HUGE issue

Mobile home in Florida

Mobile home in Florida

What are the signs that there is a droplet on the ceiling and what measures should you take to stop the damage? Here you will find what you should do when you face a roof with leaks.

The majority of tenants or mobile homeowners may know the age of their roof, but their knowledge doubtfully goes beyond that. Consider a leak on the roof, for example: for many, the first indication that there is a leak on the ceiling is the appearance of a spot on the roof or on the wall. Luckily, there are specific measures that you can continue to learn to locate a leak on the roof and help stop the damage before it gets worse. 

When looking for a mobile home roof leak the first thing anyone wants to do is examine the ceiling for any type of structural imperfections. This can look like a very smooth area in an otherwise textured area of the ceiling.

If you see this then this will usually tell you that there was, at one time, a roof leak in that area, and either the current owner or a previous one patched the roof and then cleaned up the stain that the roof caused.

Another common way to notice a roof leak is what we refer to as a “coffee stain”. These stains are where water has leaked through the roof and has dried over time leaving, what looks like, a coffee stain on a white t-shirt.

Once you find these roof leaks it is always a good idea to contact a licensed roofing company to see how bad the roof leak is and what needs to be done in order to fix it.

Generally, speaking, the roof that comes on your mobile home from the factory will usually last somewhere between 25-30 years without any issue.

After this time has come and gone a mobile home will need a new roof put on.

Unlike single-family homes where shingles or tiles are pulled from the top of the roof and new ones are placed on, mobile homes have a roof over installed on the top of the roof.

A roof over is exactly what it sounds like, within a mobile home a new roof is built directly on top of the previous roof.

Roofovers can cost a few thousand dollars to several thousand depending on how large your mobile home is and what type of roofover you are looking at putting on to the home.

In order for your roof to last the longest make sure you look into and invest in sealing your mobile home roof every few years.

The process of sealing a mobile home roof is when a thin film of sealant is applied to the entire roof. This sealant is sticky in nature and can be applied with large rollers in order to coat the entire roof evenly throughout.

If the sealant is not done on a regular maintenance schedule then it would be reasonable to believe that the roof that you have had installed will not last nearly as long.

Roof leaks can be a huge problem or they can be taken care of quickly, the key is to act fast anytime you see warning signs of possible roof leaks so that it does not lead to something much larger. A roof with leaks is a small issue but can create a huge problem that can cause a series of problems inside the house that follow each other, from the isolation of the flooded ceiling to the ruined floors.

Mobile home on leased land

Mobile home on leased land

The ceilings and roofs are elements that are generally very exposed to external agents, whether meteorological or of the house itself. They are very important parts of the mobile home since they are responsible for isolating and protecting the interior. In addition, they allow a multitude of finishes and materials, so that they also get the aesthetic set of the mobile home to be unified according to the preference of the owner. 

When the water enters households, it can cause serious damage to the property, but it can also affect the ceiling. If the roof does not receive proper maintenance, it can cause leaks that could collapse the ceiling.

In general terms, it is important to contact a professional company whenever a problem is detected on the roof whether it is big or small.

Mobile home water leaks can cause extensive damage and costly repairs, so it is important to be aware of potential causes and have a plan for quickly addressing any issue that arises. Mobile homes are more susceptible to water leaks because of their design and the materials used in construction. Common sources of leaks include plumbing fixtures, water lines, roofing, and windows. Plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and faucets can develop leaks due to age, wear, and tear, or faulty installation. Water lines can corrode or become loose, leading to leaks. Roofing can suffer damage due to strong winds and storms, allowing water to enter the mobile home. Lastly, windows can become warped or cracked over time, allowing water to enter the home. If a mobile home has experienced water damage, it is important to take steps to identify and repair the source of the leak. Depending on the location and severity of the leak, a professional plumber or contractor may be necessary to repair the damage.

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This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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