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So, the time has come for you to sell your mobile home in Sarasota, Florida. This may happen due to buying a different mobile home, relocating to a different part of Sarasota Florida, or leaving the entire Sunshine State altogether. Regardless of your decision on why you are looking to sell your Sarasota, Florida, mobile home, it is essential to know exactly where the title of your mobile home is before ever looking at selling.

In the state of Florida, positioning a mobile home on leased land transforms its categorization and taxation into that of personal property, akin to the treatment afforded to motor vehicles within the same jurisdiction. This unique classification leads to an intriguing parallel, whereby mobile homes adopt titles for ownership validation rather than the traditional concept of deeds commonly associated with real estate.

mobile home title

Regarding your specific mobile home located in the vibrant locale of Sarasota, Florida, the title document serves as a tangible testament to your ownership. Presented in a distinctive light blue hue, the title encapsulates essential particulars concerning your mobile home. This comprehensive information is meticulously displayed on both the front and rear sides of the title, ensuring a thorough overview of the property’s attributes.

This discerning approach not only aligns with the state’s established practices but also offers a streamlined and efficient means of verifying ownership and facilitating transactions. The visual distinction of the title’s color, coupled with its comprehensive details, ensures a clear and unequivocal representation of your Sarasota mobile home’s ownership, ultimately providing both buyers and sellers with a comprehensive and reliable reference point for their real estate endeavors. The state’s nuanced handling of mobile home titles reflects its adaptability to diverse property arrangements and further underscores the unique fabric of Florida’s real estate landscape.

If you are selling a single-wide mobile home then it will have one title, a double-wide mobile home will have two and a triple-wide mobile home has, yes you guessed it, three titles.

The title of the mobile home will clearly state who owns the mobile home and what, if any, leans have been placed on the property.

Having your mobile home title is essential to selling your mobile home as this will be the one document issued by the state of Florida that shows you, as the Seller, are the one who can legally sell the property.

We at The Mobile Home Dealer often encounter Sellers who have lost or misplaced their mobile home title when closing on the property.

This is not a huge issue as Florida allows a mobile home Seller to apply for and acquire a duplicate title. To obtain a duplicate title the Seller will have to fill out a duplicate title form at the Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV), provide their photo identification, and pay a small fee. Once this is all turned in the DMV will then be able to print off the duplicate title for the Seller so that they can move forward with selling their mobile home.

If the Seller does not have the title and is not able or willing to apply for a duplicate title then the sale will come to a halt as this document is needed to proceed with the title transfer from the Seller to the Buyer of the mobile home.

If the Buyer of the mobile home is looking to purchase a property with no title and no owner then the Buyer could apply for an abandoned title at the DMV. This, however, can not be done if the Seller of the home is known and able to apply for a duplicate title.

When you are looking at selling your Sarasota mobile home before it goes on the market, we strongly suggest you review how long you will need to move and locate the title of the home.

We can not begin to tell you how many mobile homes we have sold for Sellers only to come to closing and not be able to locate the title to the home they are trying to sell!

If this is your situation, please take a few moments to look for and locate the title of your mobile home. Please note that if you are selling a doublewide mobile home, then there need to be two separate titles that you are able to locate, one for each side.

After you have located the titles of your mobile home, make sure you keep them in a safe place. These titles will need to be given to the licensed mobile home broker upon closing so that they can transfer the home out of your name and into the name of the new Buyers.

The next item of business to address prior to putting your Sarasota mobile home up for sale is how long you will need to pack up and move out of the home when it is sold.

If you are using your mobile home as a winter retreat and are okay leaving everything in the home when it is sold then that is fine, just make sure you communicate these wishes to the mobile broker at the time of the listing of your home being taken.

mobile home title

Bay Indies-Venice Florida

If you are living in the home full time or if you need to make a special trip to remove certain belongings, then by all means take the time you need to move out, as this is the mobile home you are selling.

However, taking your time and dragging your feet are two different ways to approach a move.

When looking to sell or buy a mobile home in the greater Sarasota, Florida, area, always make sure you are aware of where the title is located and whose name is on it. Without having the property person selling the mobile home and the ability to have this document in hand at closing, it will delay, if not permanently stop, the sale process of your mobile home purchase!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer. We help mobile home Buyers and Sellers improve their lives.

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