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What are the most sought-after mobile homes available in the Sarasota area in 55-plus communities?

We at, The Mobile Home Dealer, work in age-qualified communities within the Sarasota region daily.

When it comes to senior living options, mobile homes, and RVs are options that represent a wide range of seniors. Mobile home parks and RV parks offer small lots and community space that is maintained by the park.

What is a 55+ Community?

A mobile home park is much like a condominium or homeowners association where the common spaces are maintained by the park owners and staff and where tenants have a small lot that they care for.

When a park is deemed to be a senior mobile home park (55-year-old+), they have rules about the minimum age of the people who live there. Most parks offer senior living for people aged 55 and older and do not permit those who are younger to live there.

The park and its amenities are designed and geared toward seniors and may have noise and usage restrictions. As restrictive as that sounds, these parks create an environment that is senior-friendly and designed to enhance the quality of life for those who live in the park.

When we are working with Sellers who are looking to have us sell their mobile home quickly, we are always asked, “Hey, what type of home sells the fastest?”

We have learned that it always comes back to the same answer, two-bed, two-bath, double-wide mobile homes are the types of homes Buyers are looking to find in the area, but the answer doesn’t just stop there.

We also need to go in to see how these two-bed, two-bath homes are positioned in the age-qualified market for them to sell quickly.

Both the Buyer and the Seller realized that the homes being sold are often, not brand new homes.

Many homes in the market within the Sarasota area, especially in the age-qualified parks, are models from the 1970s and the 1980s. Here the Buyer realizes that there may be some common wear and tear on the home, as it is not a brand-new mobile home.

We believe that most Buyers expect some dings and scratches within the home, but the main thing they are looking for is if the home is currently habitable in its current state. Is it clean? And is it safe?

By habitable, I am referring to is the home livable as it sits currently, are the bigger repairs are already done, or do they need to be worked on right after the buyer buys the home.

Does the air conditioner work without any issues? Is there any evidence of any water damage? Does the roof look good and in solid shape? Are the floors solid with very few, if any, soft spots? And are the appliances that come with the home in proper working condition?

Mobile home in a 55+ communities

Mobile home in a 55+ community

Most Buyers want the ability to buy the home, unload their suitcase, and immediately begin enjoying their new home without the requirement of a large repair bill in the immediate future.

The home does not need to be professionally cleaned when it comes up for sale, but it does need to be picked up and straightened. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it is important to put your best foot forward when you put your home up for sale.

The home does need to be safe right away. If there are any issues with the electrical or plumbing, make sure those are either fixed prior to having the home listed or at the very least tell your licensed mobile home broker that you are aware of the issues that exist, so the Buyer is informed prior to the purchase of your home.

Why Seniors are Looking to Move into 55+ Communities? 

Senior living mobile home parks are often affordable alternatives to living in a single-family home. Most mobile homeowners pay rent on their space and own the mobile home. The rent is called “lot rent”. That means they pay low monthly rent and can live in a larger home. Mobile homes come in single, double, and triple wide widths. They can be one bedroom or larger. Most lots are small offering enough space for the mobile home and a small yard.

Another benefit is that the community is organized around the needs of seniors. People here can enjoy the park’s amenities without having to compete with those amenities with kids and families.

The park’s amenities are designed around senior needs and they provide an opportunity to socialize with people in the same age range.

There are many benefits of living in a senior mobile home park. If you are traveling in your RV, senior mobile home parks often have spaces that allow you to park your RV for months on end. They make great destinations for Snowbirds and other seniors who escape the harsher weather in one area of the world and take up temporary residence in another.

The Mobile Home Dealer are licensed mobile home brokers in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas. We provide professional buy and/or sell assistance to our clients. If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking this link. You may also visit our Facebook Page and send us a message.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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