What Is The Difference Between Mobile Homes And Modular Homes?

Have you been considering a pre-built home but are unsure of if you want to go with a mobile home or a manufactured home?

Are you confused and unsure of what the differences are between these two types of homes and if one is more prevalent throughout the Gulf Coast of Florida?

If either of these questions seem to ring true to your situation then we here at The Mobile Home Dealer look forward to giving you a basic understanding of what the differences are and what is more common in the area.

When looking at a mobile home or a manufactured home for your next purchase it is important to realize that both of these homes are built and delivered from a factory and not built from the ground up on your homesite.

Modular homes are also built in factories, but are governed by local state building codes (although sometimes states will adopt the federal code). Modular homes are either built on a permanent chassis or on a temporary one. Homes built on a permanent chassis are referred to as being “on-frame” and those built on temporary ones are referred to as “off-frame.” Whether a home is built on- or off-frame will affect how the home is assembled at its destination site.

Mobile homes are completely constructed in a factory and then transported to the home site. Once they arrive at their destinations, they are usually not moved again although they can be if it is needed so long as the home is 20 years old or newer. The reason for this age requirement is within the State of Florida a mobile home transporter will not be able to obtain a moving permit if the home is older than 20 years from the date at which they are looking to move the home

One of the most common concerns for homebuyers looking at mobile and modular homes is the question is of how safe these properties are. Both of these home options are constructed offsite and that can lead many to distrust the safety of these homes. However, these fears are unfounded. There is no significant difference between the safety of homes built on or off site.

Mobile homes are required to have what are referred to as hurricane tie downs on all four points of the home. These metal straps help keep the home “tied down” in the case of severe weather and should provide plenty of safety and security for the homeowner to have faith in their home standing up to severe weather conditions.

Both modular and manufactured homes are further inspected upon installation at their sites to ensure complete safety for the home occupants.

Manufactured and modular are all significantly more affordable than site-built homes. The primary reason that these homes are constructed in one place is that it allows for controlled production costs.  They are constructed inside a factory and therefore are also typically constructed in a fraction of the amount of time a site-built home is which can lead to fewer delays in supplies being delivered and additional costs coming up.

Throughout the Gulf Coast of Florida we continue to see quite a bit more mobile homes compared to modular homes. The reason for this is due to the age of most mobile home parks in the area. When these parks were built decades ago then the original owners put all mobile homes in to the park for their residents and did not add modular homes to their site plan. As the years continued to go on more and more of the original owners sold their mobile homes and the new owners remodeled and updated the current mobile home to what is seen today.

Whether you are looking for a modular or mobile home both are great options both for cost of ownership and cost of maintenance.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Seller get to a better place in life.

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