Aretta Asks, “What Should Sarasota Mobile Home Owners Do In Bad Weather?

What Should Sarasota Mobile Home Owners Do In Bad Weather?
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Hey Guys!

Today’s question for our blog was actually sent to us through one of our Facebook friends, Aretta Burkhead.

She asked, “Mark, could you please cover some of the dos and don’ts of mobile homes in bad weather?”

Sure, Aretta, I’d be happy to do so. Thanks a lot for the question. Now guys, just so you know, if you are interested in having us cover a particular topic any time, just connect with us through our website at, or through our Facebook like Aretta did, and just give us a holler, let us know what you want us to discuss. We’d be more than happy to do so.

When discussing things to deal with mobile homes and bad weather like today, when we have a hurricane coming over us, I will discuss the obvious issue we are dealing with today and every other day living down here in Florida is hurricanes and the heavy rain and heavy wind that comes with them.

So let’s first discuss the importance of identifying and locating your hurricane tie downs in your mobile home.

Now in this mobile home, you’ll see they’re right down here, right by the side step. You want to make sure that you know exactly where these anchors are. We want to make sure that you know where they are and that they’re fully functional, because they do exactly that. They tie the home down should a hurricane come through and it prevents your house from blowing away. That’s the first thing.

After a heavy rain storm, Aretta, you want to make sure that you take a look at the ceiling of the mobile home and see if you find any wet spots.

Wet spots are going to have an off whitish color on the ceiling. You’re always going to want to look for these all the time in any mobile home. These spots will initially look just like a plain wet spot, but if you don’t get to them early enough, they’re eventually going to look like a coffee stain on a white shirt.

Hopefully you never see these on your ceiling, but if you do, it is imperative that you address these right away.

If you do not tend to these then wet spots can lead to sagging ceiling or, worse yet,  they can leak through the roof onto the drywall enough then water will actually pool up between the drywall and the roof, and an extreme situation, it’ll actually break after sagging so far and will actually have the ceiling fall in on it.

I’ve been in several mobile homes that I’ve seen this, and it’s a shame because a lot of times that could have just been fixed by identifying the wet spot in the first place.

Now Aretta, mobile homes are much stronger than what people a lot of times give them credit for.

The reason for this is when a mobile home is made in a factory and shipped to another state for sale, it needs to meet the wind zone or snow load zone for the location that it’s being shipped to.

So for instance, if the home you bought has always been located in the same park in Florida since it left the factory, then chances are your home will be able to handle the winds that come through your area without much of an issue, and that’s required by the manufacturer when it leaves the factory.

And the snow load zone, for all you northerners who follow us, well, thank goodness we don’t have to worry about that down here, but the same idea applies there as well.

Thanks again for your question Aretta. I hope this was helpful for you!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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