What Is A Sarasota Park Model Mobile Home?

When looking at buying a mobile home in Sarasota Florida one needs to be aware of all the different types of homes that are available for purchase.

Many times Buyers only think that single-wide and doublewides are the only two types of mobile homes available for sale within the Sarasota Florida area but this is not so.

Often times single-wide and double-wide mobile homes are the main types of properties available in mobile home parks throughout the Gulf Coast but there is a third segment of homes that are available that many times mobile home Buyers overlook.

Sarasota mobile home
Sarasota mobile home

This type of home is the park model mobile home.

Park models are usually seen in mobile home parks that have an RV component to them and not regular traditional mobile home parks.

Park model mobile homes look exactly like their counterparts, only, they are usually quite a bit smaller than single-wide mobile homes and weigh a fraction of what single-wide mobile homes weigh.

Park model mobile homes are usually bedroom bathroom homes, many times with an attached Florida room, full kitchen, and sitting area. The bedrooms are almost always at the end of the home and the bathroom is located right next door to the bedroom in the hallway. Full kitchens are standard as is a larger sitting area in the front of the property.

The Recreation Vehicle Association (RVIA) defines park model RV as a unique trailer-type RV that is designed to provide temporary accommodation for recreation, camping, or, seasonal use. RMPVs are built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels, and have a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the set-up mode.

Park model mobile homes are different from the traditional single or doublewide mobile homes that one normally sees during their travels throughout most mobile home parks.

These homes offer the same cost-efficient benefits as traditional mobile homes, only they carry with them several differences that are worth highlighting.

Park model mobile homes are traditionally much shorter in length than regular mobile homes with an average length being around 32 feet long. These homes are usually just as wide as traditional single-wide mobile homes with a twelve-foot width.

Park model mobile homes do have a different type of registration associated with them than the traditional single-wide and doublewide mobile homes in that they have a physical license plate that goes with them instead of that of a registration sticker. The reason for the actual license plate is that park model mobile homes are much smaller in weight and size than traditional mobile homes and, as a result, can be transported in a far smaller truck than what would be needed for traditional mobile home transport.

Many times we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, see park-model mobile homes within parks that allow both mobile homes and RVs.

The reason for this is that many park model mobile homes can be placed on traditional travel trailer sites just like RV’s can be and do not need the additional space to set up for a single or doublewide mobile home.

Park model mobile homes usually always will be one bedroom and one bathroom. Here throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area, we see that these park model mobile homes have attached screened-in porches that can be enclosed to add an additional bedroom further adding to the usability of these units.

Like any type of mobile home, prices vary quite a bit based on the age and condition of the home a Buyer is looking to purchase.

New park model mobile homes can often reach into the mid to high $50,000 range for top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art homes while other park models that are dated or have the need for updates can be closer to the $10,000 range.

mobile home
Mobile home in Sebring Florida

Instead of having registration stickers on the front of the home like traditional mobile homes do, park model mobile homes have physical license plates instead that are placed in the front window of the home.

Many times park models are easier to be moved should the owner want to move their home from one location to another. With mobile homes, it is a much bigger process with the need for special trucks, set up and tear down crews along with special permits to legally move the home throughout the state of Florida.

When moving a park model much of this is not needed which makes it an easier decision should the home need to be moved.

Much like mobile homes, park model pricing varies across the board from a brand new, top-of-the-line model in the $70,000 + range to fixer uppers under $10,000. What we have seen at The Mobile Home Dealer is that due to the size of a park model mobile home, many times they are not deemed as desired by many owners and as such there are quite a few more deals to be had on a park model than on a traditional mobile home.

Although we usually do not see park models being present in traditional mobile home parks as they are more prevalent in the RV park arena park model mobile homes offer just as many features as single-wide mobile homes do for less money.

When looking at purchasing your next mobile home we suggest you take a look at a park model mobile home as there are fewer people buying these units which could lead to you getting a better deal on one as opposed to a single or doublewide mobile home.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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