How Well Do Pictures Help Sell Your Sarasota Mobile Home?

Are you considering selling your Sarasota mobile home but are not sure on how to market the home for a fast sale that will get you top dollar?

This is a question that gets asked to us several times per day by eager mobile home sellers and we are happy to help give all of you an insight on what has been the best tool to utilize when selling a mobile home on leased land throughout the Sarasota Florida area.

When selling a mobile home on leased land it is important to note that when lot rent is involved in the monthly payment that this then triggers the home to be viewed as and taxed as personal property in the state of Florida and not as real property which is better known as real estate.

The reason why this is a to be stressed at this point is when a home is deemed personal property by the Seller then it carries with it a title and not a deed for the sale of the home. In these types of transactions, the vast majority of them are done with a cash purchase and not a traditional mortgage. Having a cash based transaction will allow the Seller and Buyer of the mobile home to be able to close as soon as a sale price has been agreed upon.

When looking to get ready to sell your mobile home, what we have found is that the traditional photos and descriptions don’t sell a home quickly, nor do they sell the home for top dollar.

The reason for this is that many times the Buyer of these homes is buying the home virtually and need to feel like they are buying the home that they can see themselves living in for years to come.

Traditional still photos just do not provide the ability to let the Buyer “feel” like they are living in the home that they are looking at.

To make the Buyer feel as if they are living in the home, we at The Mobile Home Dealer, feel that the usage of video is the best way to provide this feeling for the potential Buyer.

Each and every listing that we have within our firm provides the Buyer with a full length video that shows both the interior and exterior of the home in great detail as well as the park the home is located in.

Providing this detailed information to the Buyer before they ever set foot physically into the home makes them feel like they are already “living” in the home prior to buying the home.

We feel giving the potential Buyer as much information as possible as early as possible is the best way to gain fast interest from a would be Buyer. Providing answers to commonly asked questions to the Buyer before they are even asked speeds up the sales process and allows for a more streamlined sales process which, many times, will help provide a more lucrative sale to the Seller.

While traditional still photos are certainly suggested for each mobile home listing utilizing new technology such as virtual tours is a way to set your listing a part from all of the others in the area quickly!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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