How Are Property Taxes Paid On A Sarasota Mobile Home?

How Are Property Taxes Paid On Mobile Homes?

With all of the focus in the media regarding real estate prices, one never seems to hear about the ever so exciting discussion of property taxes.

Property taxes are annual fees that you, as a homeowner, will be responsible for paying to the county for which your home is located in.

Each county here in the state of Florida has their own property tax percentage they are entitled to collect on each home within the county. Many times this percentage is predetermined by the county and will be based off the assessed value of the home that is physically located in that county.

Throughout Florida, the average is around 1% of your total homes value. So to give you an example, if your home is worth, say a $100,000 and you live in a county where the property taxes are 1%, then you, as the property owner, would be responsible to pay an additional $1,000 per year to the county for essentially the usage of the property that you own.

These taxes many times are used for county upkeep and improvements such as the roads, keeping up with the landscaping that you see around town and in some cases, those funds go to county employees such as first responders like police officers and firefighters as well as the local school district that your home is within.

So with that understood, what is the property tax owed on a mobile home on leased land?

It would have to be the same because it is a house, right?

Well, actually, no!

Property taxes are totally different as there are no property taxes that are paid on mobile homes that are located on leased land.

What are you serious, Mark?

Yes that’s a fact!

The reason why is that when you own a mobile home on leased land, you are technically owning personal property and not real property in the state of Florida. What this means is that the mobile home that is located on lease land is viewed as an automobile in the state of Florida and has a title associated with the home and not a deed.

Since you did not technically own the land, then you do not owe property taxes when you are leasing the land but owning the actual home. As I am sure you can see, this adds to a huge savings annually, as you are not responsible for the property taxes associated with the usage of the mobile home when it is located within a leased land mobile home park.

When owning a mobile home on leased land, you are required to register the home each and every year with the department of motor vehicles, which is a fee that is not needing to be paid if you own, say, a regular stick and brick home. The cost of the yearly registration for that mobile home with the department of motor vehicles will be based on the length of the home and multiplied by the width of your mobile home.

To give you another example, let’s say the length of your mobile home will cost you $50 to register and your home and it is a double-wide mobile home. This means that you will be paying a total of $100 annually to register your home, as you will be paying $50 for each side of the home to be registered.

When looking at purchasing a mobile home on leased land, another huge cost savings is the lack of property taxes that are needing to be paid and one that we feel you should certainly take into consideration when determining the affordability of a mobile home for your next home purchase!

This is Mark Kaiser with a mobile home dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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