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Are you trying to sell your mobile home in Sarasota yourself and are curious if the time that it’s taking to sell is normal?

Are you wondering about the selling market and how COVID-19 is affecting the buyers wanting to buy your home?

I understand your questions and realize that these are oftentimes concerns that many sellers have when beginning the journey of selling their mobile home, especially right now.

It is no secret that we are in a very unique and trying time when referring to COVID-19.  As such, sellers need to be aware of how to best navigate the waters during all of this to get the most money for their home in the shortest amount of time.

We at the Mobile Home Dealer help sellers who have tried to sell their homes themselves with very little success and have been able to get them exactly where they want to go much faster.

Many times these sellers have not sold a mobile home before and are often confused about the process needing to be completed to get the most eyes on their home as fast as possible.

It is very common we see sellers putting out a for sale by owner sign outside of their home and are hoping that someone will eventually call, look at their home, set up a time to view it, and make an offer that the seller is willing to accept.

This is essentially where the marketing for the sale of their home begins and………… ends.

What is Fore Sale by Owner and what are its Pros and Cons?


House with FSBO sign

For Sale By Owner means itself. A property is being offered to sell by its owner without the help of a third party like an agent or broker.  How convenient can it be to sell a property through an advisor? The first thing one thinks of is the commissions and the money that one could save oneself without it, but if we place all the factors in a balance, it is worth rethinking the situation. We propose a list of 5 advantages and disadvantages that we recommend taking into account when making a decision as important as this.

Advantages of For Sale By Owner

  1. You will have greater profits since the commissions that would correspond to the agent can be saved (without considering the value of your time in the entire sales process)
  2. You can do things in your way, for example: publish your sale announcement wherever you want and whatever you want (but if you do not review it frequently, you will not find out that there are people interested in your property)
  3. You will have the opportunity to work at your pace, without coordinating activities with third parties (anyway, that could make some potential clients lose).
  4. You will be in charge of selling only one property, so you will have more time than an agent who has other properties to sell.
  5. You can establish your own game rule (but not necessarily your rules are accepted by the potential buyer. Probably a professional broker could establish a balance point and get the sale to be made).

Disadvantages of For Sale By Owner

  1. Selling a mobile home demands a lot of time and dedication. In addition to your daily activities, to achieve the sale, you will have to deal with all parts of the sales process.
  2. Licensed mobile home agents such as The Mobile Home Dealer have multiple tools (contact networks, website, experience, market trajectory, etc.) that will allow you to find potential buyers.
  3. The mobile home agent has sales strategies, useful and necessary to close a sale.
  4. You can also provide advice. Negotiate and write contracts that you do not know.
  5. If something in the operation goes wrong, you will always have a responsible firm to claim and demand a guarantee. If you were scammed by an individual, you would have no one to claim. And the cases of fraud are increasingly numerous. Do not put your mobile home at risk.
  6. If you do not work with an agent, you will have to take care of the cumbersome process of paperwork, fees, payments, etc.

Although the sign method is a good, basic strategy that may have worked in the past, it should not be relied on now or in the future.

With the market changing due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are seeing more and more buyers buying mobile homes, sight unseen, through viewing the home solely online. The method for buyers finding homes online varies but it is safe to say that there are considerably fewer people driving around and calling for sale by owner signs right now.

With that being said, buyers like everyone else are more focused on their safety now than ever before, this caution translates to the buying of a mobile home as well.

Fewer buyers driving around looking for signs equals fewer eyes on your home.

Currently, we are seeing an uptick in how long it is taking sellers to sell their homes themselves. Right now it is taking eight to nine months for a seller to sell their home themselves. This amount of time is assuming the seller continues to keep the home up for sale the entire time and doesn’t get flustered and take the home totally off the market.

Eight to nine months of hoping the home sells on its own without any help from a professional brokerage firm is a long time, especially with each month that passes by, the seller has to pay lot rent, utilities, upkeep on the home, and taxes.

Not only is this a financial strain but it’s also an emotional one as well having to constantly put your life on hold in a hope that some buyer will eventually come by to see your home for sale.

I believe if you are looking to sell your home quickly and for the most money possible, you will want to look at working with a mobile home brokerage firm that specializes in selling homes fast for top dollar, especially during these unique times of COVID-19.

This is Mark Kaiser and we at the Mobile Home Dealer are happy to help you guide you through the process of selling your mobile home today.

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