Closing day.

The day when one needs to have moved out of their mobile home and be ready to continue on to their next chapter in life.

While the closing day can be met with excitement, and, sometimes, sadness, it needs to be understood how long one can delay the closing date for the sale of your Sarasota Florida mobile home sale.

Before we get into discussing the reasonable time frame for which a mobile home Seller can wait to close on their mobile home sale we first need to stress the fact that the Buyer of the mobile home needs to be park-approved.

As discussed in previous blog entries, it is of utmost importance that every Buyer gets approved by the mobile home park for residency prior to closing on a mobile home.

Sarasota mobile home

Sarasota mobile home

The reason for this is that when working with a licensed mobile home broker in the Sarasota Florida area such as The Mobile Home Dealer, we need to always make sure that the Buyer is approved to become a resident so that there are no issues between the park and the Buyer prior to closing.

Most Sarasota Florida mobile home parks hold residents to the same standard if the Buyer is not approved prior to closing on their new mobile home then the park could deny lot rent payment from the new Buyer which could very well lead to their new mobile home being put into the eviction process.

When a Seller is looking to sell their mobile home it is reasonable to request 30 days or less for the mobile home that they just sold to close.

Please note, this is 30 days after the Buyer has submitted an accepted offer and has been approved by the park. Not until both of these items have been successfully completed should the 30-day countdown begin.

The reason why the 30-day countdown should not begin for either the Buyer or the Seller until the Buyer has been approved by the mobile home park is that a park approval can take upwards of 2-3 weeks to complete in some instances. If the Seller agreed to begin their 30-day count down prior to the Buyer getting approved and for some reason, the Buyer did not get approved then the Seller would more than likely to pack up and be ready to go only for their home to get put back on the market!

As one can see this could cause quite a few issues for the mobile home Seller in this instance.

Where mobile home Sellers get into a jam is when they request longer than 30 days post-park approval for their Sarasota Florida mobile home to sell. The reason why a longer close date will cause issues is that most mobile home Buyers are eager to move into their new home and are not willing to wait longer just because the Seller wants additional time.

We strongly suggest that before you ever put your Sarasota mobile home on the market make sure you have located your title for the home and have laid out an easy-to-follow plan for a timeframe you are able to be moved out of your mobile home. Forgetting to do this may cause you issues that you could have easily avoided if you would have taken the time to lay things out on the front end

In addition, when you decide to sell your mobile home and you have enough time to declutter, it is always better to leave everything clean as some buyers can be distracted and turned off by things they don’t want to see. Yes, the documentation is the most important thing to secure and prepare, but the house itself should be presentable so anyone can move without delays.

If you need more time, this can always be negotiated as long as you tell your broker in advance. If you already have a buyer, make sure that both of you agree on everything and everything must be put in writing.

Mobile Home

Mobile Home

We have seen a lot of sales end up unsuccessful because the seller changes their mind, won’t cooperate, or is not ready. If you are really serious about selling your mobile home, avoid these issues and focus on complete preparation. 

Most successful mobile home sales always start with the seller’s complete preparation, followed by the cooperation of both the seller and the buyer. If you think there is something you are not sure of, you can always consult your broker, or contact The Mobile Home Broker for further assistance.

Moving out of your mobile home is one of the biggest transitions you will experience in life. While the thought of leaving your parents’ rules, and your annoying little brother, and going to university or starting a new job can be exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming.

The good news is, feeling nervous or overwhelmed is completely normal and there are ways to make your transition to independence a smooth journey.

The length of time you can wait to close on your Sarasota Florida mobile home depends on the terms of the sale. Generally speaking, it usually takes between 30 and 45 days to complete a transaction. This timeline can vary depending on how long it takes to obtain financing, the availability of title and escrow services, and any contractual agreement between the buyer and seller. Before signing a contract, it is important to discuss the estimated closing date with your real estate agent or lawyer to ensure that all parties involved are aware of the timeline and expectations.

As a general rule, if you are looking to sell your Sarasota Florida mobile home quickly, make sure you are ready to close within 30 days after the Buyer has been approved by the mobile home park. Asking for any additional length of time above and beyond that could very well leave the Buyer in a position where they will go and buy another mobile home.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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