How To Sell Your Sarasota Mobile Home For Less To Make More!

How To Sell Your Sarasota Mobile Home For Less To Make More?

The title on this video says it all.

You can make more money by selling your mobile home quickly for less!

I know what you are thinking, Mark, “have you lost your mind, buddy?”

One of my on going jokes is the fact that I liked Geometry so much when I was growing up that I was able to take it not once but twice!

Not being a math major, but having a very good education in the mobile home industry and what it takes to sell a home fast, for the most money, I feel like I can help clue you in on why my comment does make sense.

All the homes that we sell at The Mobile Home Dealer are homes within mobile home parks on leased land.

With having your home on leased land, it does require a monthly payment to the park called lot rent.

For the current year, the Sarasota County lot rent average is right at $900 per month.

Our goal, at The Mobile Home Dealer, is to price all of our homes as aggressive as possible in order to get them sold quicker than any other brokerage firm around the area.

The reason for our approach is because other firms will price their client’s homes higher, a lot of times, much higher, in hopes that they will have someone come in, make an offer for which it may or may not go through.

A lot of times, in my experience, I’ve seen these homes on the market for 12 to 18, sometimes, even as high as 24 months.

Now, 12 to 18 months paying over $900 lot rent plus utilities plus yearly registration plus maintenance costs, gosh, that sure adds up fast!

In fact, it would not be unreasonable to think that a mobile home owner’s carrying costs in the Sarasota area is well over $1500 per month.

So if we take $1500 per month and multiply that, by say, 12 months in order to sell your home, you’re looking at nearly $20,000 in additional expenses that the seller is paying during the time it takes for their home to be sold!

This amount of money does not include, what I refer to as, the “headache factor” which, in my opinion, is the most expensive amount of all because it is your time.

Time is the only resource that we all have limited amounts of and, much like you, I want to maximize the amount of time I have on this earth. spending it doing things I want to do instead of worrying about if my home will sell or not.

Our approach to mobile home sales is to price the home very aggressively, from the beginning to try and put our best foot forward and attract as many qualified Buyers as fast as possible.

Our goal here is to get down our days on market to just under 60 days from listing to closing.

By selling the home for a little less than what we would sell it for if we decided to sit on it for over a year, does save the Seller thousands of dollars in the long run due to not having to pay additional lot rent fees or carrying costs.

Add to this huge savings is the ability that the Seller does not have the added stress of having a home for sale and the headache that goes along with that.

If you were looking to have your home sit on the market for over a year in hopes that you will make a little bit more money on the sale, then there are several brokerage firms in the area that will be happy to do that for you.

However, we are not going to be the best fit for you, if that is your hope and aspiration.

But if you are looking to sell your home fast and actually, make more money by doing so, then we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, are exactly what you are looking for.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer. And we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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