How Long Should The Approval Process Take In A Sarasota Mobile Home Park?

“You need to get approved by the park before buying a mobile home!”

How familiar does this one liner sound when you are looking at buying a mobile home within a mobile home park in Sarasota Florida?

Pretty familiar, right?

As licensed mobile home brokers within the state of Florida we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, require that each Buyer become park approved prior to the sale and closing of any mobile home. As such, we are very familiar with how the park approval process works and how important it is for the applicant to fill out and provide the park office with all the information that is required of them in a timely fashion.

Mobile home parks within the Sarasota Florida area require each Buyer to be park approved prior to closing on and moving into their mobile home.

While each park has their unique standards and requirements for what an applicant must provide to get park approved the consistent theme is that each Buyer must go through this process so that they can move into the community.

By having a park approval process in place it assures each current resident that the new Buyer of the mobile home in their park is held to the same standards as the previous person who has moved in which creates a uniform expectation for all residents in the mobile home park.

Most parks follow the same guidelines and will check the applicants criminal background, credit score and debt to income ratio.

In all our of our time working in mobile home parks we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, have yet to find a park owner or manager who can explain why or what they weigh the most when looking reviewing an applicants file to see if they are approved to become a resident or not.

About half of the mobile home parks within the greater Sarasota area complete all of their park approvals in house, meaning, the park manager takes all of the information down and runs it through their companies database. When this is done the application process can move very quickly, usually within a few days, to determine if the applicant has been approved to live in the park or not.

The other half of mobile home parks will send each applicants information out to a third party to complete all of the background screenings. When this happens the would be applicant should plan on the application process taking 1-2 weeks and sometimes longer.

In order to get the application process completed as quickly as possible it is imperative that the applicant provide the park office with all of the necessary information as quickly as possible. Most parks usually will provide the applicant with a list of all the information that is needed and will then leave it up to the applicant to supply these documents to them on their own.

We have never, ever, seen or heard of a park following up with an applicant to remind them of outstanding paperwork that is needed. When the Buyer is looking to get approved it is their responsibility to get all of the information into the office in a timely fashion as their application will not be submitted for approval until everything has been sent in.

When looking to buy a mobile home throughout the Sarasota Florida area all Buyers need to know that the purchase of their mobile home will not be complete until after the park approval process is done and on file. Trying to buy a home before being park approved will create a world of trouble for the Buyer and, possibly, the Seller. This is something we strongly suggest not doing!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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