Is An Inspection On A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Worth The Money?

Ready to purchase your new Sarasota Florida mobile home but aren’t sure what condition the home is in?

Are you buying your Sarasota Florida mobile home from out of state and are relying on photos to guide you through exactly what condition the mobile home is in that you are buying?

If either of these situations ring true then perhaps you have thought about obtaining a home inspection be completed on your mobile home prior to closing on your mobile home purchase.

Although this is a common thought pattern that many Buyers follow, does it make the cost of the mobile home inspection worth it?

The easy answer it yes, and, well no it isn’t.

Let us explain.

If you as the new Buyer are looking to get a report completed on your mobile home prior to purchase to know exactly what is going on with the home so that you know from a trained professional what you are purchasing then yes, it is certainly worth the cost.

Most Buyers who purchase a mobile home in the Sarasota Florida area understand that they are, at times, buying a mobile home that can be older than forty years old. With a home being of that age these Buyers will understand that it would be reasonable to expect there to be some type of general wear and tear items that need to be fixed or replaced on the property at some time. For these Buyers it will serve as a general once over on the home so that they have a better idea of what exactly they are buying when they sign on dotted line.

If, however, the intent of getting a mobile home inspection is for the Buyer of the home to attempt to get a price discount or to try and force the Seller of the mobile home to fix certain problems with the home prior to the sale then, no this home inspection is not worth the cost.

The reason for this is because all mobile homes that we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, sell are sold in “As Is” condition and do not include any implied warranties of any kind. For each home listing we take on at our firm we let the Seller know that they are having us sell their home in the exact condition as it is in when they take the meeting with us.

Essentially, what the Buyer sees is what the Buyer gets.

In all of our time selling mobile homes throughout the Sarasota Florida area we have never seen a Seller go and fix any issue with their mobile home prior to selling their home.

Most every Seller that we have ever worked with will accept a written offer from a Buyer assuming that they are buying what they are seeing and not anything other than this.

Mobile home inspections can be a great way to have the Buyer get a better idea of what is going on with the mobile they are buying and can be well worth the money if they are used as only an educational tool and not as a negotiation tool!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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