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I want to talk to you about some termite tenting questions.

What is termite tenting for a mobile home and is it needed when buying or selling a mobile home in Sarasota?

Now have you ever wondered what exactly is termite tenting and how it works?

Are you curious as to why this process needs to be completed for your mobile home? But first, why would one need to be even concerned about termite tenting to start with?

What is termite tenting?

Termite tent or termite fumigation is a process by which a structure, such as a mobile home, is completely covered with a sealed nylon tent and then filled with poisonous gas to eradicate dry wood termites. These insects dig in the wood and cross it, leaving worms similar tunnels while devouring the structure. If attention is not paid, the damage caused by the colonies of dry wood termites will eventually weaken the structure.

This extermination method is expensive and normally takes one or two days. During this time, the mobile home is sealed, so arrangements must be made to stay with friends, family, or at a hotel. The fumigant, usually sulfuryl fluoride, is colorless and does not leave waste, but if enough time is left, it penetrates the remains of wood and kills the resident termites.

The preparation for termite tents includes removing pets, fish tanks and bowls, and all living plants in the house in advance. Foods and medications should be sealed in special plastic bags, sometimes provided by the fumigator service, or items can be taken out of the house. There may also be special instructions regarding mattresses or pillows wrapped in waterproof covers. It is possible that it is necessary to remove these items from their covers or the house.

The bushes and outdoor plants must be cleaned along the perimeter of the house to create a catwalk for the workers and allow the tents to reach the ground. The owner may remove one or two tables from the fences that meet the house if there is no door nearby. The floor that borders the house should soak up to prevent the fumigant from penetrating the ground and affecting the plants.

Here’s why;

Braswell Heritage termite tenting

Braswell Heritage mobile home

Mobile homes use quite a bit of wood for the structure itself.

As you may know, underneath the floors that you physically walk on and see is a sheet of plywood, which is attached to wood support beams. These three layers of wood, the support beams, the plywood subfloor, and the flooring are what make up your mobile home’s flooring system.

Termites thrive on eating wood fragments.

When your mobile home floor is based largely on the wood itself, all buyers and sellers of a mobile home must be very well-educated on the importance of proper care of the wood structures in your home, so that you can have a safe and sturdy mobile home for years to come!

Failure to keep up with your mobile home termite treatment could lead to sagging floors, eroding floor supports, or even holes right in the middle of your kitchen floor!

Structural fumigation, which is better known as a type of termite tenting treatment, is a process where a trained professional enters your home and administers a specially designed chemical blend that kills all of the termites in your home.

These chemicals are used in all structures of your mobile home, including the walls, the floors, and the structural supports.

Structural fumigation is the more heavy-duty type of fumigation and is normally reserved for situations where there is a serious termite infestation.

For this type of treatment to be done, you will be unable to physically be in your home for upwards of two to three days after the service has been completed.

This includes removing all pets and plants, as well as your loved ones from the home, for everyone’s safety. Although the entire physical process of structural fumigation will only take a few hours to complete, it is a good idea to remain out of the home for the suggested time, as well as remove all food from the home that may gain exposure to the structural fumigation process.

Remember when looking to buy a mobile home, it is a good idea to always ask the owner if they know when the last time the home was tented for termites!

Having this information could greatly help you in deciding whether the home has been well taken care of by the current owner or not!

Termite tenting can be a necessary and important preventative measure to protect your Sarasota mobile home from termites. Termites tend to be attracted to humid, warm climates such as Sarasota, and the damage they can cause to your home is extensive. Tenting your mobile home with a specialized tenting material can effectively kill any termites inside the home and create an effective barrier against future infestations. It is best to consult with a licensed pest control expert to determine if tenting is necessary for your particular mobile home.

Leaving aside the cost, discomfort, and environmental problems, termite tents are not always justified. Often, the localized treatment may be sufficient. The fumigation of the tent should be reserved as a last resort and should be reserved for work with such an intense infestation that no other method is practical. In some places, however, in some cases,  it is required before selling a mobile home to ensure that it is free of dry wood termites for the incoming buyer.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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