What does park approval mean to Sarasota mobile home park residents?

When looking to buy or sell a mobile home in Sarasota, it is important to know the importance of what park approval means, and how it can affect both the purchase and the sale of a mobile home, both in positive and negative ways.

While deciding on the perfect Sarasota Florida mobile home to purchase is the fun and exciting part, one needs to make sure all of their ducks are set in a row prior to putting money down on the property and calling the moving trucks.

Most of the time, many Buyers will focus on the funding of the purchase, will they have enough money to purchase their mobile home in cash or will they need to seek some type of outside financing for the purchase?

While we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, can certainly appreciate the focus on funding, we take a different route in focusing on the Buyer becoming park-approved before putting a focus on funding the purchase.

But, why would we focus on park approval and not on funding?

If you are planning to buy a mobile home in the Sarasota Florida area, it is important to understand everything about mobile home parks.

Does it even matter that this is done before buying a mobile home on leased land in Florida?

Many times those who are not familiar with the buying process of a mobile home on leased land do not realize that getting approved by the park is a part of the mobile home purchase process.

This then begs the question to be asked, what is park approval?

When buying a mobile home in a mobile home park, every resident needs to be approved as a resident within the community in that the home is physically located. Different parks have different requirements but, generally speaking, if you are in an age-qualified community, every person who will be physically living in the home will need to be approved by the park. If you are buying a mobile home in an all-ages park, you will need to have approval for everyone living in the home who is over a certain age to be able to be approved for residency.

Each park has its way of going about the actual approval process. Usually, every park will require each person who is going through to be approved to fill out a written application. Along with the application the applicant will need to provide a photo ID, pay a nominal application fee, and agree to have their background checked by the park. If you or your applicant friend does not have a current driver’s license that is okay as usual, a state-issued photo ID card or a passport will do the trick.

The reason is simple: if the Buyer is not park-approved before purchasing the mobile home through us as a licensed mobile home broker then we will not be able to close on the home.

The Winds Of Saint Armands - park approval

The Winds Of Saint Armands mobile home

This approval is, usually, handled by the manager in the park. Or, if the park is small enough, it can be done by the owner.

Parks have different criteria when it comes to being approved, but it usually comes down to a credit check, a criminal history screen, verification of income, and an in-depth look to see if there has ever been an eviction with the applicant.

Most of the time parks, usually, put the most emphasis on the income and eviction portion of the application process.

The reason why they do this is that when buying a mobile home in a park where the owner leases the land they will be required to make a monthly payment to the park for the usage of that land, known as lot rent.

Many times, parks will have it laid out in the rule book that if the tenant does not pay the lot rent each month, then their home could be forced into eviction due to not paying lot rent.

Having a thorough screening of past evictions on every tenant applying for the park will ensure the park’s safety net, and is the park’s way of trying to get the most qualified tenants in their park.

The entire park approval process should take a few days after the tenant fills out their paperwork and gets it to the appropriate person who runs the process.

So, is it really necessary to get park approved before buying a mobile home within a Sarasota mobile home park?


Failure to have yourself approved before purchasing a home could lead to the home that you just bought being evicted due to you not being approved by the park before this purchase.

This could create a very costly and stressful situation that could have been avoided should you have gone forward with the approval process before buying your mobile home.

While looking at mobile homes is fun and exciting it is of utmost importance for both the Buyer and the Seller to not get too excited due to the park approval process being a needed part of the closing puzzle.

Without park approval on file, there is no sale.

The Mobile Home Dealer are licensed mobile home brokers in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas. We provide professional buy and/or sell assistance to our clients. If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking this link. You may also visit our Facebook Page and send us a message.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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