Should You Sell Your Sarasota Mobile Home During Snow Bird Season?

I know, this is is an early post but, as they always say, “the early bird gets the worm”!

The summer heat is still going strong throughout the Sarasota area so it is hard to think that in a few short months our lovely area will be flooded with all the snow birds coming down to enjoy the beautiful weather and beaches this area is known for.

With only a few months until all of the shopping and restaurants are busier with out of town guests one should consider if selling their mobile home throughout the Sarasota area during this time is the right decision?

Getting your Sarasota mobile home ready for sale can take several weeks, if not months, to get on the market so we felt it would be a good idea to discuss why selling your mobile home during this time may be something you want to consider.

Many snow birds who are coming down to Sarasota for the four to six month period known as the snow bird season are either staying in their current mobile home that they own year round or they are renting one of several available mobile homes on the market.

What we have seen in years past is that most snow birds who are coming down already have a place to stay when they are here, they aren’t looking to buy a mobile home right when they arrive to then move into for their winter stay.

Looking to have your Sarasota mobile home up and ready to sell right when these out of town visitors come into the area is not usually needed as, we have seen, if these folks are going to buy a mobile home in the area then they will look to do so after they have stayed in the area for several months to see what areas they like.

It would not be unreasonable to think that we will see an influx of snow birds coming into the Sarasota area this year after the pandemic stricken year of 2020 where many snow birds did not come down due to concerns of getting sick during their stay.

While we do not know if our friends from Canada will be joining us this year yet we would expect to see quite an influx visitors from the Midwest states which will bring several eager Buyers.

The key with getting your mobile home sold throughout the Sarasota are is to have your home priced right and marketed correctly.

Simply waiting around for someone to drive by and see your sign is a sure fire way to not have the best or most Buyers seeing your property.

We, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, aim to do is to get the most exposure to your home in the fastest time possible which will lead you to getting the most money for your Sarasota mobile home in the quickest way possible. As such, we feel that anytime throughout the year is a good time to sell your mobile home and not to focus on only a few months where additional Buyers are in your area.

The temptation of only selling your mobile home during the snow bird season is strong for many Sellers but we believe that since the Sarasota area is a destination location your mobile home should sell any month of the year so long as it is priced right and marketed to its fullest potential.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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