What Is A Sarasota Florida Park Model Mobile Home And How You Can Save BIG Money When Buying One!

Have you ever driven though a mobile home park throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area and noticed a mobile home that looked shorter and smaller than all the others in the park?

After seeing this unique mobile home, have you ever wondered what it was and how it got into the mobile home park in the first place?

Enter the world of park model mobile homes!

Park model mobile homes are unique properties in that they are always the same width of a single wide mobile mobile home and are shorter in length then any other home you normally see.

Most park model mobile home dimensions are around 12-14 feet in width and 28-32 feet in length.

While these homes are shorter in statute compared to their mobile home counterparts, they certainly do not come up “short” in features as these homes can have the exact same level of niceties as the homes one is used to seeing in a mobile home park.

It is not unusual to see high end cabinets, counter tops, central AC and vaulted ceilings in these types of homes.

Many times you will not find park models in the mobile home section of a mobile home park but, rather, in the RV section.

The reason for this is because these homes have physical license plates on the front of them and not the traditional registration stickers one sees in the windows of traditional mobile homes. Instead of the license plate being put on the actual home it will usually be required to be placed in the front window of the property.

With the requirement for license plates as a way to identify the property, most parks will then group them in to the RV and fifth wheel sections of a park as these units both have license plates instead of window sticker identification tags.

In our research, park models are usually considerably cheaper in price than that of a single wide home usually coming in at 30-40% lower in cost.

The registration fees are cheaper due to the fact that the home is shorter and they are much easier to move than traditional mobile homes due to the fact they weigh considerably less than a single wide mobile home.

If you are looking for a low cost, high quality home with all of the bells and whistles and can go without some additional space then we strongly suggest you consider a park model mobile home for your next mobile home purchase.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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